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Dog Harness Safety

Here at PetCloud, the safety of Pets and the humans that care for them are our top priority, so lets talk about harness safety.

There are many styles of dog collars, halters and harnesses. The type you select depends on your dog’s size, training needs and disposition.

It is not advised to leave harnesses on all day every day. Depending on the harness type, it can rub pets skin raw under their front legs.

Also, it can make lounging around a little uncomfortable at times. At the very least – should take it off your dog during the night.


Dogs can learn to sit still while you put their harness on, if you teach them the “wait” command. it can be quite useful in many different scenarios.

Taking the harness off while inside can signal to the dog that its ‘time to relax’ so that when you use the harness it signals to the dog that it’s ‘time for a walk or to go outside’.


Harnesses fit around the shoulders and behind your dog’s front legs. Harnesses are recommended for dogs with certain medical conditions, such as respiratory issues. Choose a harness where the leash attaches to the front at the chest for better control.


Types Of Dog Harnesses

Credit: ghergich&co

There are four types of harnesses:

  • No-pull front-clip. The leash attaches to the harness at your dog’s chest.
  • Back-clip. The leash attaches to the harness at your dog’s back.
  • No pull chest- and back-clip. The leash attaches to the harness at your dog’s chest and back, but this can vary depending on the style.
  • This harness typically has a detachable seat belt loop for car travel.

Pros: Takes pressure from the leash away from your dog’s neck and throat. No-pull harnesses are good management solutions for strong pullers. Cons: In some cases, dogs may push into the harness, which can make it harder to control larger dogs.

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