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Dog Friendly Café & Pub Etiquette

Dog Friendly Café & Pub Etiquette

More and more Café’s and Pubs are allowing dogs to join their owners. People love to take advantage of this opportunity. But before taking your dog to your local café, it is wise to ensure that your dog is socialised well and will obey basic commands.

Tip 1. Take your dog for a short walk around the café before going in.

You do not want your dog to end up doing a poo in the dining area. If this happens, grab your waste bag, grab the poo & your dog, pay for your meal, apologise, and promptly leave the café’ ASAP.

Tip 2. Bring a Portable Silicon Water Bowl.

For good manners, hygiene, and safety reasons, dogs should not eat or drink from café or pub plates or glassware.

Tip 3. Choose a Spot on the Outer edges of the Cafe, not in the middle of foot traffic

Request a table on the edge, if possible, where there are fewer people and less distractions for your dog.

Tip 4. Leash your dog closely to your chair, lying down, and don’t tie them to the table.

A big dog tied to a table can results in spills. No extension leashes. Keep your dog close so they don’t cause the waiter to trip over. Get your dog to lie down under the table or as close to you as possible. Of course, this is dependent upon the size of your dog.

Tip 5. Keep Your Dog Busy & Quiet

Your dog should not be whining and jumping up wanting food. Provide them with long chew treats.  Be sure you bring a tired dog or a worn out dog to a restaurant so he is more likely to be settled.  Be prepared to leave your meal, pay your bill and leave if your dog stresses or causes a disturbance.  Discourage your dog from begging. No Barking. Barking dogs will be asked to leave.

Tip 6. Trained Dogs Only.

If your dog does not know the basics of Sit, Down and Stay, and Leave it – then don’t bring them or get your meal as a takeaway and come back when your dog does know the basics.

Tip 7. It’s not time to Socialise.

Unless invited, dogs should not socialise with other diners, employees, or fellow dogs.

Tip 8. Leave a Tip for the Café or Pub

Leave a nice tip for your server for graciously serving you and your canine dining companion.

Tip 9. Ensure your dog is well groomed & doesn’t suffer from flatulence

Smelly dogs are not appropriate to bring where humans are eating. So please review their care routine and diet before bringing them.


  1. Don’t place your dog, even a small dog, on the table, in your lap or on a chair next to you.
  2. Don’t Let your dog eat off your plate or drink from your glass.
  3. Don’t Feed your dog off your plate or silverware.
  4. Don’t Put your plate (or any dinnerware) on the ground for your dog to eat from or lick.
  5. Don’t Be upset if people refuse to be seated by you. Not everyone will share your enjoyment of your dog’s presence.

Remember, taking your dog out to dine with you at a restaurant is a privilege and not a right. Only well-mannered dogs that are groomed should be accompanying you out for a meal. Even if the state or local laws permit, alfresco dining with your dog is offered solely as a courtesy by the restaurant.

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