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Could the Italian Greyhound be the perfect dog for you?

Could the Italian Greyhound be the perfect dog for you?

If you’re looking for a sweet and sensitive canine companion that is easy to take care of, the Italian Greyhound is perhaps the best dog breed for you! Here is everything you need to know about one of the most distinguished and elegant dog breeds around


Breed Snapshot

Size Small Dog (3-6kg); height 33-38cm

Coat Short hair and not much shedding. No professional grooming necessary

Energy Active dog that should be walked for approximately 40 minutes per day.

Lifespan  14 – 15 years

Country of origin  Italy

Breed type  A toy group miniature sighthound that is related to the traditional greyhound, which is much larger in size. The Italian Greyhound is a noble breed that is known for being caring and sensitive, and they love to be around people.

Other names  Italian Sighthound

Great breed for:

  • Apartment or home with yard
  • Families with kids
  • Companionship
  • Active lifestyles

Meet the Italian Greyhound

A beloved sweet-faced member of the toy group, the Italian Greyhound originated in Italy as far back as 2,000 years ago and was bred as a loyal companion for nobility in the region. The Italian Greyhound is known for being a sweet and nurturing dog who is loyal to his or her owner and is easy to take care of.

Italian Greyhounds not only look regal and beautiful perched up on the couch, but they are also highly active dogs, which makes them appealing for families with young kids and those who live an active lifestyle. This breed is recognized as a show dog and is highly trainable.


What do Italian Greyhounds look like?

This dog is a true charmer that maintains its sweet puppy dog look for its entire life! Italian Greyhounds are small dogs with big personalities! They grow to be about 33-38cm in height and range between 3-6kg, so they can be toted around to just about anywhere.

Italian Greyhounds feature long and skinny legs, a thin body, and a slender face, but are also quite muscular and strong. Their short coat ranges from black to light brown and they can be one solid color or have large two-tone color patches. These dogs tend to prance around like the royalty they represent.


Is the Italian Greyhound the right pet for me?

Not only are Italian Greyhounds the ultimate lap dogs, but they love to run around and play with the family in the back yard! If you want a dog that will tag around with you wherever you go, Italian Greyhounds are the right pet for you.

Italian Greyhounds crave constant attention and companionship, and love to be doted on. They are small dogs that can live in apartments and are great to take along on road trips. These dogs have short coats and hardly shed so they are perfect for those who are allergic to most other dogs.


Grooming needs of an Italian Greyhound

Other than an occasional bath to get rid of normal doggy odors, Italian Greyhounds are very low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Run a brush through their coat every week or so to distribute oils on the skin and to get rid of any dust he or she may have collected from being outside.


How much exercise does an Italian Greyhound need?

Italian Greyhounds are a fit and trim breed that require short walks and plenty of outdoor play time. Walking an Italian Greyhound is a treat and you are sure to get some loving glances from those who you cross paths with along the way. Keep your dog close if you take him or her to a public space such as the beach or a park as bigger dogs can hurt them, even if they are just playing around.


How do I train my Italian Greyhound?

Whilst this particular breed can be stubborn to start out with, Italian Greyhounds are extremely intelligent dogs and are highly trainable. The key to successfully training this dog is to use positive reinforcement techniques. Give your Italian Greyhound a delicious treat right after they obey a command and they will quickly learn to understand what you are asking them to do.

Unless you have previous experience in training a dog, it might be best to hire a dog trainer to help out with training your Italian Greyhound.


Italian Greyhound FAQs


What is the lifespan of an Italian Greyhound?

This furry companion has a lifespan of up to 15 years making it a great dog for the kids to grow up with.

Can my Italian Greyhound be left alone during the day?

It is not recommended unless you have other dogs to keep them company. Italian Greyhounds are highly social dogs and they require almost constant attention. It is alright to leave them home alone to go on quick errands, but they will become bored and upset if they are left home all day whilst you are at work. These dogs are prone to separation anxiety.

Are Italian Greyhounds good for people with allergies?

Yes! Most people who experience pet allergies do better around Italian Greyhounds compared to other dog breeds due to their super short fur coat and lack of shedding. Before committing to adopting or purchasing a dog of this breed, spend some time around one to make sure your dog allergies are not affected.

Do Italian Greyhounds bark a lot?

Italian Greyhounds are very protective of their human family and will bark if they sense potential danger or see someone they do not recognize. This bread will also bark to get your attention if they want some love and affection.

What health issues affect Italian Greyhounds?

Italian Greyhounds are susceptible to broken legs so they should not be placed up on a piece of furniture that requires them to jump down from. They should also be kept away from larger dogs that can cause unintentional injuries when playing. Italian Greyhounds are also prone to periodontal disease and epilepsy.

Where to get an Italian Greyhound

If you are convinced that the sweet-faced and tender-hearted Italian Greyhound is the perfect dog for you, it is time to get busy looking for one to bring home. You are most likely to find one of these adorable toy dogs from a private breeder as opposed to a dog shelter. RSCPA has plenty of resources as well as additional information to help you get started. Be sure to check out their guide about finding the right breeder.


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