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9 of the Most Enviable Australian Pet-Friendly Workplaces

Lots of workplaces offer perks to their employees: Annual trips to theme parks, gym memberships, free barista made coffee, ping pong ball tables, daily breakfast.

If you are an animal lover, the dream is to work in a pet-friendly office, where you and your co-workers don’t have to leave furry best friends at home.

Unfortunately, not all companies can offer these pet perks, leaving many of you patiently waiting until “Take Your Dog to Work Day” (24 June) rolls around.

There are many benefits to pet-friendly workplaces.

Patting pets can help raise oxytocin levels, which can lower your heart rate and induce a calming effect, leading to a more upbeat mood!

So to help you on your next job hunt, we’ve made a list of the hottest Australian pet-friendly workplaces right now – so get your resume ready!!!!

1. PetCloud PetCloud is a national Brisbane-based web based pet service booking company where CTO Chris, likes to bring in his white spoodle Buffy, and founder, Deb Morrison, brings in her dog toy cavoodle Milly.

As a web development team, the management team at PetCloud can sometimes work long hours.

Bringing pets to work makes the time pass more happily, says Deb “With dogs around, it is it prompts you to get up every few hours and take them for a quick walk outside of the office.

This mental break allows me to come back refreshed and helps with back care and not falling into the trap of doing too much sitting where you can become prone to getting a compressed spine.”

Deb and Sarah at RSPCA’s National Call Centre which is hugely pet friendly.

2. Folk Folk is a Sydney-based national digital agency where their resident groodle dog, Floyd, follows his owner Michael Broadhead around the trendy industrial styled /modern multi-floored agency. Floyd the gorgeous Groodle with his owner, Michael Broadhead who heads up Folk.

3. Style Magazines Qld Style Magazine’s founder Christie Sutherland regularly brings in her french bulldog, Kettle.  We’ve all gone gaga over Kettle the French Bulldog puppy.

4. Google Sydney, NSW Attending a digital workshop in March, we were interduced to resident parrot, Basil.  Isn’t he cute?! Basil the Office Parrot at the Google Office in Sydney, Australia

5. CottonOn CottonOn is a dog friendly workplace (check it out #dogsofcottonon).

6. MySale Group (You might also know them as OzSale) Based in Victoria, they are a dog friendly office, and provide breakfast and fruit daily, Friday social events, fortnightly desk massages, casual attire, dynamic team, music in the office and more!

7. World for Pets A national ecommerce pet store, this company is based in Wacol, Qld where customers are welcome to bring their pets with them. On site you’ll also find RSPCA Qld and staff who bring pets up for adoption into meetings with them.

8. ZooStudio This award-winning Photography business is run by Beck and Ken Drake and is based in Milton, Qld. This Pug-loving studio asks clients to being their pets in for initial photography appointments while its resident pugs wander around or just snooze under the desks.  Here is Beck below with her pug, Charlotte.

Love my girl Charlotte to pieces #loveofmylife #lovemypug #pugs #pugsofinstagram #mygirl #pugsrule

A photo posted by Zoo Studio Photography (@zoostudiophotos) on Apr 6, 2016 at 5:03am PDT

9. Business Chicks Based in Sydney, NSW, this company is a networking and events organisation where female business members can connect, collaborate and pick each other’s brains.

Pets at Work Essentials Checklist

So if you know of a pet-friendly company we should add to the list, let us know! Email:

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