Is a Pet Pygmy Goat the Ideal Pet for you?

by PetCloud / Pet Owner Advice / 19 Oct 2020

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Is a Pet Pygmy Goat for your family?  Find out what's needed to keep one!

Choosing a pet is very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  You and your family should discuss what pet would fit best. Before choosing the pet know who will be feeding it, cleaning up after it, taking it for walks, and who will oversee the animals overall care. Be sure you and your family have the space and time required for the animal you’ve chosen.


Pygmy Goats are the smallest breed of goats. They are great weed eaters; they also eat star thistle, hemlock, poison oak, and blackberry bushes. If not properly fenced off, they will also eat your roses or everything in your garden. Unlike popular belief, goats don’t eat everything. They will not eat inedible things like a tin can or car parts.

Goats’ hooves can till and aerate the soil. They fertilize the ground with their poop while their hooves trample and spread it around, making the soil ready for gardening or for grazing. However, goats’ hooves will need to be trimmed every 6 – 8 weeks.

These goats can get to be the size of a medium/large size dog. They can be taken for a walk, trained to come when called, and to perform on an obstacle course.  

They love to climb; they climb on tires, fallen trees, large spools, and anything else they can jump up on. Some owners provide children’s outdoor toys to their goats to play on such as a plastic picnic table or a teeter totter.

Goats will need shelter from the weather, a dog house works well. They also need a fresh clean source for water.

If you decide you would like a goat, you need to know goats are herd animals. Which mean you will have to have more than one. The minimum you should purchase is two. Goats do attach themselves to humans however they can still be lonely without their own kind.

Goats can be a fun and entertaining pet. Just keep in mind like other pets they need a responsible House Sitter when you go on holidays. Do some research to find out if a couple of goats are right for you.


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