Pet Parents go on guilt free holidays

by Shekhar Raychaudhury / Travel / 6 Nov 2015

Pet Parents

Holidays are meant to be fun and relaxing, often with family and friends. But there’s often one family member not present that is always in the back of your mind. You wonder if they’re lonely. Are they eating? Do they miss you?  It’s your much-loved pet. They are such a big part of your life, and you don’t want your own relaxing time to turn into a time of stress for the both of you. You should be sipping cocktails by the beach with complete peace of mind that your 2-year-old pug is being taken care of by a person you can trust in a real home. Aunty Aggie of Stafford found her calling in pet sitting after having a long career with Queensland Health as a nurse. Her passion for dogs is infectious and she takes care of them as well as her own fur babies. When asked what makes her different from other pet sitters, she says

“I have years of experience as a nurse and I have high standards when it comes to cleanliness, I choose the pets I want and give them the best experience possible”.

With a large dog run and back yard for visiting dogs, she makes sure that her furry visitors have plenty of space to play. Pet owners create a profile on the website with their pet details and then they can make a booking with a pet sitter on the website. Aunty Aggie makes sure that she does the Meet & Greet with the owners to determine if they are the right fit for her. After the Meet & Greet the pet owners make the Booking and pay through PayPal. By booking through the website users are covered by insurance of up to 20 million dollars and all contact and booking details are kept in one place to access anywhere and anytime ensuring our the pet owners and sitters have a stress free experience. Aunty Aggie is just one of the pet sitters who uses PetCloud as a tool to do pet sitting. Having a database of pet sitters and owners Australia wide, PetCloud is changing the way smart pet owners go on holidays. Being the only Pet Sitting company in Australia partnered with RSPCA Qld, PetCloud prides itself on having trusted pet sitters who come from varied backgrounds. From RSPCA volunteers, vet nursing students & avid pet lovers, this pet loving community is growing. Started in 2014, the main reason for forming this company was because Brisbane-based Deborah Morrison (CEO & Founder) couldn’t take a holiday because she couldn’t find flexible and appropriate care around her work schedule, so she built PetCloud. Now she has a one-month old Toy Cavoodle and she can plan the holiday she wants without worrying about Milly. Summer is coming and pet parents in Australia can now take a guilt-free holiday while a trusted pet sitter gives your pet the love and care it deserves because who cares for them while you’re away MATTERS!  

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