What to expect during your first pet sitting booking

by PetCloud / Pet Minder Tips / 25 Apr 2016

What to expect during your first pet sitting booking

So you've got your first pet sitting booking. Congratulations! You're a little bit excited and maybe a little bit nervous. Make sure you read PetCloud's Sitter Success Manual (this is emailed to you) and ensure you've watched the "How it works" Video, and if you want more confidence with regard to the standard of care expected of you, we recommend taking the online RSPCA Qld Accredited Animal Care Learning Course.

Did you have the opportunity to meet the pet and Pet Owner before the booking occurred?  If not, you may wish to ask the Owner via your inbox on PetCloud if they are open to doing an initial Meet & Greet to ensure there is a good fit between yourself, your yard, your home, your pets, your family, and the visiting pet. This is incredibly important.  

Meet and Greets are an essential part of your first pet sitting booking with anyone

Next, you need to ensure you've written down that day and time the Owner is arriving to drop off their Pet, and the day and time they arrive back from their holiday to pick up the pet. When the booking is accepted by you, PetCloud sends you the Owners contact details. 

Next, you need to ensure that your backyard meets the RSPCA Qld Backyard Checklist and tidy up and clean your home.  Your number 1 priority to make sure the pets don't escape.

Your Responsibilities as a Pet Sitter

Pet sitters are responsible for all basic animal care while their clients are on vacation or traveling for business.

Your Routine duties include:

  • Daily Feeding, putting out fresh water every morning and evening
  • Brushing pets
  • Taking dogs on walks, and providing exercise through play
  • Cleaning litter boxes
  • Additional services may include giving medications, vacuuming up pet hair in the house, or collecting the client's mail or newspaper
  • Pet sitters are also responsible for notifying owners and taking pets to the vet if they should become sick or suffer an injury while under their supervision

During the stay:

It is best to keep in touch daily with a little text to them saying "We had fun in the park today, oh and by the way, Fido doesnt seem to like eating their own food, and seems to want some of my food. Do you want me to stop them and not allow them or are you happy to just reimburse me for extra food costs when you return?" All sorts of unexpected pet behavioural things can happen during pet sitting, and its important to remain in daily friendly communication via text message.

Example messaging between Pet Owner and Pet Sitter

Example messaging between Pet Owner and Pet Sitter

Your first pet sitting booking should involve a daily text to the Pet Owner while they're on Holiday

WATCH: Dog Travel & Car Safety

Have you ever driven in the car with your dog on your lap? You can actually get fined by police for this.

Click or tap on the video to watch car safe travel tips. Find out what we pack in our bag to enjoy a good day out.


Online Vet Consultations

If you need Vet advice during a pet stay, you can book with an online consult with Dr Claire at www.vetchat.com.au via skype or facetime. Use promo code: PETCLOUD for adiscount on your appointment.

Pet Details are important for the stay

While PetCloud does ask the Pet Owner to complete information about the pets with everything about their routine, behaviour, training, habits through to sleeping and eating habits, whether that all happens, is an entirely different thing all together!  It is both yours and the Owners responsibility to complete the Pets detailed profile on PetCloud.

Wee and Poo Accidents

Be prepared that some wee or poo accidents may happen if the pet is a puppy or kitten.  So have some puppy training pads on hand, paper towels and cleaning fluid.

Get prepared for your first pet sitting booking with paper towels and puppy training pads

Puppy Training Pads

Take puppies outdoors for regular breaks if possible. They will want to pee at least every 2 hours.

Get prepared for first pet sitting booking with cats and have disposable cat litter trays on hand from poopycat

PetCloud sells eco friendly cat litter trays available in light weight low odour 4 packs

The Pet Owner may have even dropped off their pets with all their bedding, food, poo bags, leash, ID tags, and toys. For example, some dogs may try to hop onto your bed when it's bed time if thats what they are used to at home.

Your first pet sitting booking you may be surprised to find some Pets prefer to sleep in your bed

Some pets may try to crawl into your bed for comfort at night 

So have some spare healthy natural treats on hand (such as Vitapet Jerhigh Treat Chicken Tenders)  if you are wanting to persuade and reward good behaviour and get them to sleep in their own bed.


The Pet Owner has booked you because they trust your judgement, but at the same time, if the dog is not eating their own food and just want to scoff all yours, dont allow it to continue, and don't ask the Owner to pay you extra on return if you didnt prevent the pet from eating your food.  Below is an example of a friendly food-related question being asked between a Pet Sitter and a Pet Owner.

Messaging between Pet Owner and Pet Sitter

Example Messaging between Pet Owner and Pet Sitter

It would be like booking your car into a mechanics on an agreed set price, and then upon returning to pick up the car, the mechanic says "Oh but you have to pay me an extra $1000 for a new radiator because i felt you needed one". You'd be in shock, right?

Your first pet sitting booking shouldnt have too many surprises

Don't give Pet Owners bill shock by adding in extra food expenses that their Pet incurred while on holiday


So you need to text the owner at least once a day and report anything that is happening. If you dont text them with what their pets are up to, they wont know otherwise - and you'll feel annoyed and out of pocket for your extra food or efforts.


Your first pet sitting booking may result in pets not eating their own food

"Oh Mum letz me eat donuts all da time" Image of Rescue dog Marnie via petspyjamas.com

Pets can be wonderful company and so much fun.  The PetCloud team is also here to support you via email or phone 1300 66 77 85.  With each pet stay, you will feel more and more confident as you'll remember what questions to ask when you have your next customer!  We also recommend you read this next article 7 Things Every Pet Sitter should ask a Pet Owner  If you haven't tried it out yet - join free as a Pet Sitter today and start making money cuddling pets!

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