How To Become A Pet Sitter

This course has been developed in collaboration with highly qualified and experienced professionals from the RSPCA QLD. It is designed to equip you with all you need to know while taking care of pets as a Pet Sitter. The course includes two modules set by PetCloud and RSPCA QLD.

Part A

  • Running a successful pet sitting business (PetCloud)
  • Pet First Aid fact sheet (RSPCA QLD)
  • Backyard Checklist (RSPCA QLD)

Part B

  • Basic Dog Care course (RSPCA QLD)
  • Basic Cat Care course (RSPCA QLD)
  • Guide to introducing animals (RSPCA QLD)

When you complete this course you should have a much better foundation for understanding how to care for different pets and this is the starting point for a business working with companion animals. The course is exclusive to PetCloud users only and after completion you get an accreditation badge to your Minder profile so that it stands out!