Must haves for a Pet sitter backpack

by PetCloud / Pet Sitter Tips / 1 Sep 2015

Must haves for a Pet sitter backpack

As a sitter you must make sure that your backpack has all the essentials you need to take care of your furry guest. Here is a list of all the things you should include -

1. Treats

Now who doesn’t love treats?  As a sitter you must make sure that you have the treats for your furry guest. Check with your Pet parent first as to what kind of treats their pet is used to. It's a guaranteed way to get a trained dog to listen to (and love) you. Of course, check with their pet parent first to make sure their dog doesn’t have any allergies.

2. Doggy Poop Bags (if pet sitting dogs)

While the Pet Owner should supply everything, it’s smart to BYO-poop-bags just in case their pet parent runs out.  For cats, if a cat is coming to stay, we LOVE the light weight eco friendly ones from our friends at Poopy Cat. Suggest the Pet Owner bring one of those.

3. A Collapsible Water Bowl and Dog Water Bottle

On hot days, dogs can quickly dehydrate. Luckily, it’s easy to bring hydration anywhere.

4. Toys!

Again, while the Pet Owner should supply everything, Check with the pet parent to see what kinds of toys their dog likes but won’t destroy in 30 seconds (it can be a fine balance). You can even bring along the dog’s own toy from home—just make sure to take it out of your bag before the end of the stay.

5. Your Business Cards

You will attract much more people on the street who will want to talk to you if you’re walking a cute dog. If they mention they have a dog too—and it feels natural—you can feel free to give them one of your business cards.