Life begins at retirement

by PetCloud / Pet Sitter Tips / 10 Jul 2015

Life begins at retirement

The best thing about retirement is having all the free time and doing fun things. As many people say , a time when you can invest time in hobbies you couldn't do before. One of the best ways seniors can use their time and earn money is by registering (for free) to become a pet minder. Here are few reasons why Pet minding can be the perfect hobby for all the seniors out there

1- Extra income - By becoming a free pet minder, you can can earn upto $50 - $100 per day depending on the services you provide to the pet owners.

2- Companionship - A pet can be a great companion for those whose adult children have moved away or who have divorced or lost their spouse. Pets are proven to improve mental health and decrease loneliness through encouraging regular exercise routines, purpose, and community connection. People walking dogs often get stopped more frequently to chat by another person in the street who wants to pat their dog or tell the person that they own a similar breed.

3 - Stress Buster - Pets can help relieve the stress and also be of great help for people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer. Research has also proved that interaction with pets can stimulate the appetite among people who might not eat regularly.

4- Fitness buddy - Exercise is an integral part of our lives, playing with a pet makes seniors more active and in some cases also help with arthritic hands and arms.

5- Bodyguard - Elders are always at the risk of robberies or burglaries and having pets around can be a real comfort. Dogs are often considered the best for guarding a house, even a small dog can deter a robber because of the barking. As Catherine Pulsifer  said "Retirement may be an ending, a closing, but it is also a new beginning." At Petcloud, We are a community of pet lovers providing a kennel alternative. Join our community of minders and make the most of being a retiree :)


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