How to make a $1000 by cuddling pets at home?

by Shekhar Raychaudhury / Pet Sitter Tips / 8 Jan 2016

How to make a $1000 by cuddling pets at home?

Brenda is the perfect example of a 5 star Pet Sitter. While people planned their holidays during Christmas, Brenda decided to list her space and services on as a Pet Sitter.

5 star Pet Sitter

She has not only helped busy pet owners but also made extra cash by becoming a dog sitter. Being a pet owner herself, she only takes dogs that get along with Mr Wiggles ( 9 year old Maltese Poodle )


Here are few ways you can earn $1000 a month by doing Pet Sitting;

  • Verify your profile - As a Pet Sitter you must verify your email, PayPal email and mobile number. So that you can receive all updates and notifications.
  • Responsiveness - Always returns phone calls and emails and booking requests quickly.
  • Politeness - Always friendly and polite on the phone.
  • Smiling Professional Photos - Quality of camera plus having a clear face picture.
  • Clean, tidy, and safe house - Ensure the lawn is mown and house is tidy, and use the RSPCA Backyard Checklist
  • Trustworthiness - Getting a background check or learning course badge.
  • Promotion - Linking your PetCloud profile to facebook, you can let your friends know what you are up to.
  • Daily photo updates - Relieve your clients anxiety by send clients daily photos through the petcloud website message inbox. Simply reply to your clients booking message, attach and upload a photo from your phone.

Daily photo updates

Another way that Brenda increased trust on her Pet Sitter profile was by having a review added by a customer.

Another way that Brenda increased trust on her Pet Sitter

If you don't have a profile yet then create an account now and become a Pet Sitter!!  Become a Pet Sitter


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