This Summer - Keep it Cool

by Shekhar Raychaudhury / Pet Sitter Tips / 19 Oct 2015

Keep it Cool this Summer

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Summer is coming and it’s also the peak booking season for PetCloud Minders, which is great for both our Owner’s who want to leave their pawfect companion in a real home of a Pet Minder & for our Minders who just love dogs! Look out for Signs of Heat exhaustion

  • If you see any signs of restlessness, pacing, excess salivating, vomiting and diarrhea are all signs of heat exhaustion, and can escalate into an emergency situation within minutes!
  • Take your Guest dog into a shady spot or cool room ASAP. You can also follow our tips below for cooling off pups. If the pup is in noticeable distress, call the Vet right away!

Keeping Pups Cool

  • A baby pool filled up in the backyard is a fun way to keep Guest dogs cool and also makes for some great photo shots.
  • Be prepared for the Hot weather by keeping damp towels in the freezer. If a pup overheats, you can take the towel and drape it over their neck or rub them down with it to help cool them off.
  • If its too hot for your palms or feet then it’s too hot for your pup to walk on pavements.

Keeping Pups Hydrated

  • Make sure you have plenty of bowls of fresh water available for Guest pups in all areas of your home and yard! Insure that all bowls are cleaned regularly, and never let water stand for too long.
  • Also try surprising by giving them some icy treats (The Chicken Ice block) or just make your own version of ice blocks.

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