The Boxer: A Courageous Working Dog with Lots of Personality

by PetCloud / Breed Search / 30 Jun 2020

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A popular breed among dog lovers in Australia, the Boxer is a true working dog that loves to spend time with his or her human family. If you are looking for a dog that is full of love, is a loyal companion, and is high in energy, the Boxer might just be the perfect pet for you! Read on to learn more about this dynamic dog.


Breed Snapshot

  • Size Medium dog (29-36kg); 58-63cm in height
  • Coat Short fur coat that can be maintained at home. This dog hardly sheds.
  • Energy High energy dog that should be walked daily and have lots of playtime.
  • Lifespan 10 – 12 years
  • Country of origin Germany
  • Breed type Distant relative of the Bullenbeisser that was bred as a working and hunting dog. Temperament: playful, intelligent, loyal, and loves people.
  • Other names  ‘Cavapoo’ is the USA name.
  • Great breed for: Farms and homes with big yards, Hunting companion, Guide dog, Guard dog

An Introduction to the Boxer

Regarded as one of the most strong and muscular breeds, the Boxer is a true working dog that loves to have a job to do. The Boxer was first bred in Germany during the 19th century as a hunting and cattle dog and it is closely related to the Bullenbeisser, which it effectively replaced on the farms after people realized how utilitarian they are.

Not only do Boxers have a profound love for their people families, but they are also fiercy protective of them. The boxer makes a good guard dog but is loving and affectionate to those who he or she recognizes as part of “the pack.” Boxers are extremely muscular and active, and they make the perfect canine playmates for kids.

What do Boxers Look Like?

Boxers are the complete package when it comes to good looks and lots of personality. They are a medium size working dog and grow up to be 53-68cm tall. Boxers typically weigh between 29-36kg, with males weighting substantially more than the females. The fur coat of a boxer is either a two-tone colour of fawn and white, brindle, or a solid white or tan and is short and tight near their skin. They have a broad face and floppy ears, and many have droopy cheeks that give them the iconic sad face look.

Why are Boxers so Special?

Whilst being fiercely loyal to their owners, Boxers are hard workers who will not stop until their job is done. They are a highly intelligent and affectionate breed that make good seeing eye dogs for the blind. This breed is also considered a therapy dog and can warn humans about some medical issues in time to get help. Boxers are an especially good dog for kids because they can handle some rough play and will protect children from potential harm. In the United States, there is a Boxer Club dedicated to educating people and celebrating how special this dog truly is.

Grooming Your Boxer

Boxers are a low maintenance breed that d0 not require trips to the groomer unless you want to provide your dog with some extra special pampering. The Boxer has a short coat of tightly compacted fur that protects its skin. Boxers only need a bath when they get dirty or start to get doggy odors. Your dogs should be provided with chew toys to help clean their teeth and you should trim up their nails at least a couple of times per month.

How Much Exercise Does a Boxer Need?

Boxers are very active dogs that need at least a couple of hours per day of intense exercise. Routine dog walking is encouraged, but your dog will need additional playtime throughout the day so you could try lure coursing otherwise they start to get restless and bored. Boxers were bred to hunt and herd cattle, so they are happiest when they have a wide-open space to run around in and family members to play with.

How Do I Train a Boxer?

Puppy training should begin as early as possible so that your boxer has plenty of time to socialise with other people and other dogs. Boxers are super trainable as long as you get an early start. This breed does best with positive reinforcement training as they love to please people. Give your dog a small treat when he or she does a good job to reward them. Boxers can be trained at home or taken to a professional trainer. PetCloud offers dog training classes that you and your Boxer are sure to love.

Is a Boxer the Right Breed for Me?

If you are looking for a fun-loving dog that is full of energy and enjoys working and playing hard, the Boxer just might be the perfect dog for you! Boxers need a lot of space to roam around and play, so you should only consider welcoming this dog home if you have a large yard. Boxers are the ideal family dog and are extremely loyal to their people family. They are alert and courageous, making them an excellent guard dog.

Boxer FAQs

What is the lifespan of a boxer?

With the proper diet, consistent exercise, and a loving home, Boxers can live 10-12 years.

Are Boxers territorial dogs?

Boxers are very protective of their families and tend to be territorial. You can train them to be more social with strangers when they are puppies.

Are Boxers prone to health issues?

As Boxers get older, they become susceptible to health issues such as cardiovascular disease, hip dysplasia, and cancer. Your dog should visit the vet regularly throughout his or her life for health checkups.

Can Boxers be left alone?

Boxers suffer from separation anxiety and should not be left alone when you go to work. If you need to be away from home for more than a couple of hours, consider hiring a doggy babysitter.


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