Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

by Catherine Tucker / Pet Owner Advice / 30 Aug 2017

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So your pooch loves to munch away on some grass, but is this a harmless habit or reason to be concerned?


Though this is not generally a life threatening activity, it can result in vomiting or discomfort due to irritation of the stomach.

Furthermore, if your lawn has been treated with pesticides or herbicides your pet will ingest chemicals which could cause health concerns. 

The RSPCA recommends your dog should have access to grass which has not been chemically treated.

If you are puzzled by your dog’s behaviour here are some keys reason why your fur baby has opted for the green snack and how to stop it.

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Dogs are active and curious creatures, and if they do not receive suitable mental and physical exercise they will become bored.

Veterinarian Dr Dana Koch told Pet Coach when pets become bored they will search for activities to occupy their time and entertain themselves.

“Strangely enough, these activities can include nibbling on grass,” Dr Koch said.

“Therefore, a good starting point is to evaluate how much exercise your dog is getting on a daily basis and consider introducing more walks or other fun activities, such as playing fetch or tug of war.”

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Dogs are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and plant-based food and there is some indication that dogs with a low fibre diet may eat grass to fulfil nutritional deficiency. 

The RSPCA says dogs will sometimes eat grass which may provide a source of vegetable matter and micronutrients.

Dogs might be eating grass to improve digestion or fulfilling some unmet nutritional need, including the need for fibre.

Pets Web MD highlights one study which reported a miniature poodle who ate grass daily was able to stop with a diet change. 

“Three days after putting the dog on a high-fibre diet, the owner reported that the dog stopped eating grass entirely,” they said.

If you are concerned this may be the reason your pup is eating grass, then consider discussing with your vet how to incorporate more fibre in your dog’s diet.

Of course, there is also the possibility your doggo just likes the taste or feel of grass.



We have all heard the old tale that dogs with an upset stomach will self-medicate by eating grass to help the vomit. 

However, Dr Koch says there isn’t much scientific evidence to back up this theory and if you suspect your pet has a medical issue it is best to seek professional help.

“If you suspect there is too much gastric acid in your dog’s stomach or any other underlying medical issue that could be causing this behaviour, you should consult with your veterinarian right away,” Dr Koch said.



While some pups may be eating grass as they enjoy the taste and texture, it may be a matter for concern if they are eating it all the time.

If your pet is frequently eating grass it is best to contact your vet.


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