Pet loving Baby Boomers have hit on a Source of Extra Money

by PetCloud / Pet Sitter Tips / 28 Dec 2019

Jobs For Seniors - Pet-loving Baby Boomers

The sharing economy isn’t just for Gen Y’s as would be retirees are now working smarter not harder.

New research from PetCloud shows while only 3% of their pet carers offering services are over the age of 55, they complete over 20% of all jobs.  They are smashing their younger counter parts, on average completing 600% more bookings and earning over 5 times more income. Many baby boomers don’t the funds to retire but PetCloud allows an affordable and flexible way to substitute their incomes and get job satisfaction.  

PetCloud sitter, Debbie (pictured below) left her 20-year career in pharmacy to run her at home pet sitting business through PetCloud.  “I’m 57 years old this year, and I have the best job in the world,” she said. Offering doggie day care means retirees can have the best of both worlds.

PetCloud is like AirBnB for pets connecting pet owners with pet carers through their national online website.   At PetCloud, there are various other ways you can make money and have a furry companion. Pet Sitters can earn by doing other activities like dog walking, grooming, pet taxi, and doggy daycare services from home.

Jolie loves working with PetCloud.  "I had minded friends' dogs for many years and after my beloved Jett passed away after 18 years, I was still minding dogs to fill the gap.  People used to say to me "you should be charging for this".  I was seriously considering starting a pet sitting business, but just wasn't happy about handing out my personal contact details to strangers...even if they were walking cute dogs!  So, I filed the idea away.  A few days later my hubby pointed out an article in the Sunday paper and said "this is for you", and I discovered PetCloud.
That was in April 2015 and I've never looked back since!  PetCloud provide the platform for me to advertise my services on the internet.  Not only do they supply me with a fabulous website, they cover me and the dog owner with Insurance. They provide Support, Privacy, Learning courses of choice and much more.  PetCloud basically does all the work matching me with dog owners in my local area who are looking on the internet for a pet sitter.  
“There is serious money to be made!” she said. “It’s an opportunity to run your own business, and you can work it as much or as little as you want.”  

"I'm off to Rainbow Bay for a week over Christmas (all paid off already) and I look forward to sipping a drink on our waterfront balcony.   All thanks to pet sitting through PetCloud.  I love my job!" - Jolie

"PetCloud provides many pet related services for dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs etc.  All creatures need someone to look after them when their owners are away.  Perhaps you just want to do dog walking or mind at the owner's house.  Maybe you work all week and just want to mind on weekends.  There are a multitude of options available...and you get paid!"

I now feel confident about handing out my business cards, which list my services and my contact via the PetCloud website.  I receive a booking request showing a picture and details of the dog looking for a minder.  If I feel I could mind the pooch, it is then that I give the owner my contact details and arrange a  "Meet and Greet".  If for some reason it's not a suitable match, I can decline the booking.       
I am blessed to have minded the most beautiful dogs...and they keep coming back!  People tend to have more holidays when they know they can leave their beloved pet with a trusted minder.   2 of my regular fur friends are now my weekly day care dogs as well.  I have bookings well into next year.   Not only do I love the dogs, but I have made good friends with the owners who are mostly local, but I would never have met them if it weren't for PetCloud.
If you think you've got what it takes and you really are crazy about animals, visit the PetCloud site and have a look around.  It’s an opportunity to help you run your own business, and you can work it as much or as little as you want.  There is serious money to be made!  Pay off that Credit Card or save for a trip...whatever you want.  

Are you a Senior?  Get your home-based business off the ground today with PetCloud. 


Feature Image: Jolie Wheeler, pictured with her 'client' Darcy, finds pet-sitting a good match for her needs.