Sitter of the Month is Stephanie from Mill Park in Victoria

by Catherine Tucker / Pet Sitter Tips / 2 Feb 2018

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This month we are highlight Stephanie who despite only being with PetCloud for 3 months, is making a big impression on her clients who enjoy her loving and positive nature.

Stephanie has always had a passion for animals from a young age. She grew up owning pets and loved every minute of it. Now Stephanie has 2 dogs and a cat which she love dearly and treats them as though they are her babies. 

One day she decided to look more into becoming a pet sitter and found PetCloud. Straight away she knew this was for her! Stephanie is currently a science student at La Trobe University and is wokring towards become a professional in the pet industry as a veterinarian. 

I’ve been with PetCloud for:  3 ½ months
Occupation: pet sitter and full time student
Services I offer:  Minding at my home (overnight or daycare), walking, house visits, pet taxui and visits to vets.

How do you make owners and their pets feel special?

During meet and greets, I always greet owners and their pets with a smile on my face knowing that this could potentially be another client and just seeing an animal gives me a smile!

I give tours of my home and backyard during these meet and greets and talk about funny situations I have encountered with my pets and other pets I take care of.  My home is clean and is a calm environment which helps the new pet settle in and relaxes them as my home is a new environment to them.

During the warmer months, the pets stay in my home as it is quite cool in there and have the fan on and they actually sit in front of it to cool down – so cute!

I treat them as the same I treat my own pets – play with them, give them cuddles, we take lots of selfies and we eat dinner together! I send photos and videos regularly to pet owners to update them on their pet.

Dog Walks and coffee shop dates - become a Pet Sitter in Melbourne with PetCloud

What do you find rewarding about being a pet sitter?  

I enjoy watching the new pets have fun in a new environment. They are such good therapy and provide a stress free environment. It gives me relief knowing they are having fun and are happy being with a new family.

I loved all the reviews I have received recently as it has given me a boost of confidence and just knowing that they enjoyed my services makes me really happy.

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Tell us a cute or funny story from your pet sitting journey

I had a puppy spoodle staying with me during Christmas time. He was such the cutest thing! He was such a well behaved dog.

One morning, I wake up in my bed with him right next to me. He had snuck in my room early in the morning and slept right next to me. He started licking my face and of course woke me up.

He then wiggled his way into the sheets – with his nose, he started moving the sheets ended up literally in bed with me. The funniest thing ever!!

What extra services do you offer?

I provide daily walking as an extra service. It is a very popular service as every dog that I have taken care of needs a walk. 

This definitely increases income but more importantly I provide daily walking to clients as I know it is essential for dogs to get their exercise regularly and leads to a healthy life.

Share your top tips for getting your name out there and growing your client base?

  • Make flyers/business cards and hand them out
  • Post an add on gumtree/facebook
  • Once you get your first client and your first review, it’ll definitely pick up from there and business will boom.

How did being an Accredited Pet Sitter help you stand out from the pack?

I think just being yourself. Expressing your passion and love for animals is the one thing a pet owner really appreciates.

I felt as though I did not need to do it as I already have some knowledge about animal well-being and have adequate experience taking care of pets. If you’re someone that feels as though being an Accredited Pet Sitter will benefit you further, go ahead and check it out. 

What’s one piece of advice you would give to budding Pet Sitters out there?

Starting off is challenging. You are trying to get your name out there and trying to get your first client.

I found it difficult to get business at first. But do not give up, once you get your first client everything will go uphill from there. Pet owners will start knowing you and your name will get out there real soon.

Finally, just be yourself and be confident in your abilities.

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