How To Make A Good First Impression During A Meet & Greet

by Deb Morrison / Pet Sitter Tips / 6 Dec 2017

How to make a good impression at a meet and greet for pet sitting clients

First impressions last! Did you know it only take 7 seconds when first meeting someone to form a first impression?

Here are some tips on how to make sure you're putting your best foot forward when meeting pet sitting clients.

  • Tidy the garden, pull out weeds, rake up fallen tree branches, nuts and berries, grass clippings, and leaves.
  • Mow the lawn. Jim’s Mowing might be handy if you don’t have a mower.
  • Pull back the curtains, open some windows, let the light in or turn lights on
  • Tie up Pets and introduce them slowly to any visiting pets.
  • Introduce pets slowly
  • Ask children to sit quietly or play outside for the meeting.
  • Sweep and Mop the floor and wipe your benches.
  • Have the Visiting Pet’s profile Printed and ready Or Refer to it on a tablet/iPad from your booking
  • Turn down the tv, or put some nice music on
  • Spray some Glen 20 around to neutralise any odours, burn any nice candles
  • Empty your kitchen bins
  • Clean your own pet’s food area and bowls. This will show the pet owner you have good standards of care
Be warm, friendly, and professional
  • Use the Pets name and the Pet Owners Name
  • Be a proactive listener, if the owner asks a question, paraphrase any concerns back to them and say “So what you’re saying is you’re after someone who is home of an evening to keep your pet company – yes I am home.” (if you will be home). 
  • Smile
  • Interact with the Pet by throwing a ball for them, patting them
  • Ask About the Pets Care routine and any health, habits, and behaviour tendencies
  • Talk about your experience and show knowledge of your nearest 24 hour emergency Vet
  • Share any relevant animal or pet care qualifications
  • Look and smell presentable. Casual clothes are fine.
  • Boil the kettle – offer them a cup of tea, coffee or water
  • Offer to take them through a tour of your Loungeroom, kitchen, and yard
  • Ensure you tell the Pet Owner before meeting if you own other pets, and about any other visiting pets from bookings.