Could the Spirited Australian Terrier Be the Perfect Dog for You?

by PetCloud / Breed Search / 25 Jul 2020

Happy Australian Terrier, Silky, Silky Terrier

A true little warrior that keeps varmints away and loves to spend time with its human family, the Australian Terrier is a small dog breed with a big personality. If you are thinking about bringing an Australian Terrier home, read on to learn more about this breed!


Breed Snapshot


Size Small Dog (6- 9kg); 25 – 27cm in height

Coat Low shedding coat that is easy to take care of at home

Energy High energy breed that should be walked daily and receive regular exercise through play

Lifespan 11 – 15 years

Country of origin Australia

Breed type This breed is a mix between several different breeds, to include the Yorkshire Terrier and Dandie Dinmont. This dog has a spunky and playful attitude and is loving toward its owners

Other names “Aussie”

Great breed for:

  • Apartment living or home with yard
  • Families with kids

Meet the Spirited Australian Terrier

Originating in Australia during the 1800s, this little working dog was specifically bred to adapt to the sometimes-harsh elements of this island country. The Australian Terrier is a true working dog that is happiest when it is exploring alongside its human family. Australian Terriers are hunting dogs and were deployed on farms and ranches to keep the varmints and snakes away.


The Australian Terrier is a fur ball full of energy and forms a strong bond with humans. This breed makes a good guard dog, not because it will scare strangers away, but because it will bark profusely when it spots an intruder; this breed is quite territorial. Australian Terriers make good dogs for families with kids because this dog will play with them all day long and almost never grow tired.


What Does an Australian Terrier Look Like?

Australian Terriers are small but mighty little dogs. This is one of the smallest Terrier breeds and it weighs in at 6 – 9kg and is 25 -27cm tall. The Australian Terrier has a thick and rugged double coat that keeps it warm in the winter and keeps its skin from getting irritate. These dogs have fur coats that are brown and blue, tan, or red in colour. Some dogs have a solid coat while others have two-tone patched coats.


This dog is short and stocky and has a somewhat long torso. Australian Terriers have a protruding snout, short pointy ears, and a pointy tail. This dog breed stands low to the ground so that it can find the small animals it hunts for. The body of an Australian Terrier is slender, yet stocky.


What Kind of Diet Should I Feed My Australian Terrier?

Australian Terriers can have a varied diet as long as the food you feed your dog is high in quality. This is an active dog that requires as much nutrition as possible. Australian Terriers can eat bagged and canned dog food as well as human food. Your vet can help you come up with an appropriate diet plan for your dog. Treats can be given as rewards but be careful as this dog is prone to weight gain if it overindulges.


How Do I Groom My Australian Terrier?

Australian Terriers are easy to take care of since they are rough and rugged little working dogs. You do not need to take your Australian Terrier to a groomer unless you want to pamper him or her. Brush your dog’s hair once a week to smooth out its rough coat and remove any debris or dirt that gets trapped. This dog has a double coat so it can get dirty. You should refrain from using shampoo on your Australian Terrier as it is not good for the rough fur.


Trim your dog’s nails at least once a month so they do not get too long and snag on objects; this can cause paw injuries. You can clean your dog’s ears with a dog ear cleaning solution but do not swab them as you can injure your dog’s inner ear if you go too deep.


How Do I Train my Australian Terrier?

Australian Terriers are stubborn dogs that get bored easily, so it is best to sign him or her up for a puppy obedience class with a professional trainer. Australian Terriers need to be socialised at an early age so they obey their owners and play nicely around other dogs. This breed loves to be around humans and will work hard to make his or her owner proud.


If you decide to train your Australian Terrier at home, use positive reinforcement training techniques so your dog learns to trust you. Provide treats and love on them for doing a good job during training. Keep training sessions short so they are a fun activity for your dog.


Frequently Asked Questions About Australian Terriers


What is the lifespan of an Australian Terrier?


With a proper diet full of nutrient dense foods, a loving home, and plenty of exercise, your Australian Terrier will live between 11 – 15 years. This is a healthy breed that is not susceptible to a lot of health problems.


Are they Barkers?


Australian Terriers are known to bark if a stranger crosses into their territory or if they are not properly socialised when they are puppies. Dogs typically bark if they sense danger.

Can Australian Terriers be left alone?


No. Australian Terriers suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone for more than a couple of hours. This breed loves to be around his or her family and receive lots of attention. If you plan to be away, schedule a dog sitter or take your Aussie to doggy daycare.


Are Australian Terriers hypoallergenic?

Yes! This breed does not hardly shed and so he or she will not send you into an allergy attack.



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