by PetCloud / Pet Sitter Tips / 17 Aug 2015


“Money is a scarce resource and you gotta save it”, that’s what my grandmother used to say but the internet gives us many opportunities these days to make money without doing a 9-5 job. Known by some as the "Airbnb for Pets", PetCloud is an online community that connects pet owners with pet sitters across Australia, ready to care for your pet like a member of their family. It's a safe, convenient and affordable way to make sure your best friend is in a loving home while you're away. Whether you are a pet owner or just a pet lover, PetCloud is the perfect platform for you to share the love and make money. Users can join PetCloud for free as an owner or a sitter and become a part of this pet loving community.

Creating a profile as a Pet Sitter is just the beginning but in order to make the most of your profile you need to follow certain steps -

1 - Identify what sets you apart - Start by figuring out what you can offer that others can’t provide for themselves. For example: Living in an apartment close to parks, Possessing good animal-handling skills, Having the time to walk and watch dog’s day or night etc. Highlight your unique qualities and market your profile with the characteristics that set you apart. Write down your unique qualities so that you stand out among a pool of sitters. The most important thing that will convince an owner to make a booking with you is your profile picture & the pictures of your space. 

2 - Find the right pet/owner - Its important that you have a ‘Meet & Greet’ to determine the right match for you. Pets are like family members and you need to know they gel with you.

3 - Charge what you are worth & add more services - Of course, unless you have a rock-star sitter profile, you’ll probably need to offer reduced rates to start. However, once you begin to develop a positive reputation, don’t be afraid to charge more. Yes, you’ll lose some customers, but you’ll probably gain others if you market yourself right. Remember the key to making more $$ is to provide additional services to pet owners – Dog walking, grooming, pick up services etc.

4 -Promote that you are covered by insurance - Remember that all PetCloud sitters are covered by insurance. What does it mean for you? This means that the Pet you are sitting is covered incase it gets injured or accidentally causes damages to third parties. Owners and sitters are strictly advised not to make bookings outside PetCloud because then you are not covered by our insurance.

5 -Be a good Petizen – Even though pet sitting is a lucrative source of income, make sure that you are abiding your local council laws. To locate your local council and their by-laws for keeping animals, navigate to the Australian Government website and select your State https://www.australia.gov.au/about-government/states-territories-and-local-government

6 -Be reliable & remember to have fun – Make sure you let the owner know how you are doing, while hosting their furry family member. Share your experiences and post photos on social media with the hashtag #petcloudaus

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