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Why do Dogs Hump?

While the act of a dog humping a human being’s leg might appear to be amusing to those who aren’t the dog’s intended target, it is rarely amusing to those who are. Plus, while it might appear to be a sexual act, it really isn’t. What exactly does it mean though?


Why do dogs hump?

The act of humping in many cases is a display of dominance rather than a display of sexual interest. In particular, if a dog senses that a human is taking away part of the attention that they normally receive, they might attempt to display their dominance by humping the human’s leg.

Humping can be a sexual behavior involved in the act of mating for dogs when it comes to humping other dogs. However, this is not the case when a dog decides to climb up on a person’s leg and do a little activity or show a little too much attention to the closest pillow.


How to stop dogs humping?

The best way to prevent excessive humping behavior in your dog is to interrupt it as early as possible. Puppies exhibit humping their littermates while playing. Although this is normal behavior, as the puppies mature, the owner should attempt to distract the puppy into performing other types of behavior. Punishment is not necessary in order to dissuade the puppy as he grows older. Consistency in terminating the behavior by distracting your puppy with toys or a walk outside is usually sufficient.

Additionally, if a dog experiences itching or irritation in the genital area, they might take to humping a pillow or similar object. Although this behavior might not be as offensive as the dog humping a person’s leg, the owner should attempt to dissuade the dog from exhibiting it. Otherwise, the behavior could become an undesirable ongoing habit for the dog.



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