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Cash Jobs Won’t Protect You When It Counts

Cash Jobs Won’t Protect You When It Counts

As a sitter, it may be tempting to take a cash jobs or as a pet owner, you think “Why not just do cash?” But if the worst should happen and a pet require emergency vet care is it really worth risking not being insured?

Pet Sitting and House Sitting is great option for pet owners wanting more personalised care and is a wonderful and rewarding job as a pet sitter but also has a lot of responsibility.  We understand that our pet sitters are caring for beloved pets who are considered part of the family, so lets explore why it is so important for pets to be insured!


You will be keeping the law

In Australia, Public Liability cover is a legal requirement for people looking after pets for money.  We want you to feel confident, safe and secure in your pet sitting business, and when booking jobs through PetCloud you can be assured you’re covered by insurance.  PetCloud allows you to start your own business without the stress, expense or hassle of setting up insurance, among other things, as the work has been done for you. Read more about legal requirements of being a Pet Sitter in Australia.

Your Privacy on PetCloud is protected

PetCloud Preferred Pet Sitter Jolie from Nundah loves the privacy and insurance PetCloud offers so she can focus on caring for pets and growing her business.  “I thought long and hard about starting my own pet minding business, but didn’t feel comfortable handing out my address details on a card to strangers… shortly after, I came across an article about PetCloud in the Sunday paper and it changed my life,” Wheeler said.  As a Pet Sitter on PetCloud, you pick and choose the jobs you want to do.

You won’t be out of pocket for tens of thousands of dollars in Vet Bills

Despite a smooth meet and greet sometimes behavioural issues, pet playing or by accident a pet sitter’s pet can be injured by another animal you are caring for another animal.  Insurance through your PetCloud booking will also cover the veterinary bills if they require emergency care.  For example, if a Pet swallowing an object, it can be up to $16,000 to have it removed through surgery.

You won’t get short-changed or ripped-off by the other party.

We ask for all bookings to be paid up front to our platform before the booking begins, so you’ll always get paid at the end.

It saves confusion, or disagreements about services requested or prices agreed on

The Services requested for Bookings and your prices to do those services are an online contract that is very clear.

You’ll get a complete picture of the type of Pet you’re minding

On PetCloud, you will see an online Pet Profile where you can view the guest Pet’s Identification details, biometrics such as breed information, age, and whether desexed, Routine Care Requirements, Health – such as Worming and Vaccination details, Habits & Behaviour HIstory, Medical Requirements, and Emergency Contact Details. All of these pieces of information help you get an understanding of whether a Pet will be suited to your home and level of experience and comfort. Some senior pets might have different care requirements and exercise routines compared to diabetic pets – who may require regular insulin injections, or a pet with a skin allergy condition that needs a special diet for example.

You’ll be helping to support a charity

RSPCA Qld is a Partner in PetCloud and wanted to get involved to reduce the rate of animal abandonment at holiday times due to unafforable pet care prices.  PetCloud also uses the RSPCA National Call Centre to help with our Pet Sitter and Pet Owner Support. The monthly fees we pay goes back to help supporting the vital rescue work and community education work they do.  They are truly amazing!


The average cost of emergency veterinary care can soar into the thousands quickly so insurance can really come in handy in the event of an accident for paying those unexpected vet bills.

The Courier Mail reported on a Deception Bay dog breeder who was hit with a $4400 bill for an emergency after-hours caesarean on her Labrador retriever Brooke after the 20-month-old swallowed dog toy.

Pet sitting website PetCloud covers every booking made through the service with insurance by our internationally accredited, AAA rated insurer which provides cover for pet sitters where any claim is made against the services they provide.

Glen Richards, Shark Tank Investor, board member of Greencross and pet owner of 2 dogs, 2 cats and 4 horses, says choosing PetCloud gives an owner peace of mind knowing your pets are safe at their home-away-from-home.

“I love that PetCloud has worked with the RSPCA to develop a framework, and the fact that your pet sitters are insured…is fabulous,” he said.

Love animals? Become a sitter today and live the dream of being paid to cuddle and care for cute animals!

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Read more: Legal Requirements of becoming a Pet Sitter in Australia 


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