The Points Whisperer Will Change Your Travel Game

by Catherine Tucker / Travel / 15 Jun 2017

traveling business class, frequent flyer points, discounted flights, pet minding with PetCloud

You can kiss flying economy goodbye and say hello to business class with tips from The Points Whisper on how to travel more often and for less.

The Founder and former Macquarie Bank accountant Steve Hui, aka The Points Whisper, created the iFlyflat consultancy service to assist business' in earning more points with money they are already spending on business needs.

Steve spoke Amana Hart from The Big Smoke and shared the secrets for maximise the points you’re earning. He said:

What is the benefit of using points?
Use points to redeem and fly business class to Europe for less than $3,000 rather than the normal airfare of $8,000+, saving over $5,000 each trip, allowing you to travel more often, for cheaper.


How many points do I need to fly?
The best value is to use points to fly business class rather than economy. To fly business class to Europe in the above example will require between 161,500 to 278,000 points (depending on the frequent flyer program). To fly economy class will require about half the points, between 80,750 to 150,000, swapping points for an airfare worth just $2,000 – getting only about a quarter of the value of a business class airfare. Financially, using points for business class is the smartest.

How much do I need to spend to earn these points?
Roughly every $1 on a credit card will earn about 1 point, so a business switching regular bills towards the right rewards card of $200,000 per year ($16,600/mth) can earn enough points for their own business class holiday to Europe each year, saving over $5,000 on flights, all by paying the bills they have to pay, just a little bit smarter. The more you transact, the more points and flights you will earn.”

traveling business class, frequent flyer points, discounted flights, pet minding, PetCloud

Hui said most people have little clue as to how many points they already have, or the potential to earn them cheaply.

The Big Smoke suggests, first do a stocktake of how many points there are in your various frequent flyer programs and credit cards – you may already have enough points for a trip, or two.

Second, take a look at your expenses each month – this is the potential for you to use credits cards with a flight rewards program to earn points for “discounted” business class trips.

For the full article by The Big Smoke click here.

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