Is the Tenterfield Terrier the Right Dog Breed for You?

by PetCloud / Breed Search / 26 Jul 2020

Tenterfield Terrier laying on grass

Small, active, and athletic, the Tenterfield Terrier was developed from miniature fox terriers. This charming breed is an Aussie favorite and popular as an active companion. Learn everything you need to know about Tenterfield Terriers here. 


Breed Snapshot: 

  • Size: Weight: 3.1 - 4.5kg. Height: 24-28cm
  • Coat: Short-haired coat in shades of white, black, and tan.
  • Energy: High energy. They require at least 60 minutes of exercise per day.
  • Lifespan: 12-14 years
  • Country of Origin: Australia
  • Breed Type: Terrier
  • Other Names: None
  • Great Breed for: Owners who can give it lots of attention and activity. Not a great option for apartment living. 


What Is a Tenterfield Terrier?

The Tenterfield Terrier was developed from Miniature Fox Terriers who traveled with their British companions to Australia during the 19th century. The breed takes its name for a town in New South Wales. Like other terriers, the Tenterfield Terrier is eager to hunt and chase away vermin. While it still shares many traits with the closely related Miniature Fox Terrier, the two breeds have drifted apart over the decades.  

Today's Tenterfield Terrier is a loveable, highly intelligent, active dog that thrives with activity. It does best when it has a backyard to romp around in. With their high energy, they can be a challenge to train, but they respond well to positive reinforcement training and to consistent leadership from their human companions. With plenty of activity, they're less likely to get into mischief like digging in the garden. 


What Do Tenterfield Terriers Look Like?

Tenterfield Terriers feature a short-haired coat that comes in a combination of colors that include black, white, and tan. They have many telltale terrier features such as a compact body and wedge-shaped head with pointed V-shaped ears. They also have a naturally occurring bobbed tail.  

What Makes the Tenterfield Terrier Special?

The Tenterfield Terrier is a lively dog that loves to be active. This makes it an ideal pet for active owners who enjoy playing, walking, and even jogging with their dogs. While these dogs love to spend plenty of time outdoors patrolling their yards for small animal pests, they are indoor dogs who love to be at the heart of their households. Because of its need for outdoor activity, it may not be the ideal pet for apartment living in spite of its small size. This dog is also a fun companion for kids. 

How Often Do I Need to Groom My Tenterfield Terrier?

With its short coat, the Tenterfield Terrier is easy to maintain for neatness. A moderate shedder, this dog requires weekly brushing and monthly nail trims. One of the reasons it's so popular with Aussies is because it needs little grooming. Bathe this pup as needed. 

How Often Should I Walk My Tenterfield Terrier?

The Tenterfield Terrier is a highly active breed that thrives on activity. It should have at least an hour today of exercise. It's a great companion dog for active owners and will also enjoy getting exercise in its backyard. 

How Do I Train My Tenterfield Terrier?

Tenterfield Terrier dogs respond well to positive reinforcement training. They need this training or they're apt to get into mischief. Pet Cloud features dog training classes in blocks of six-week, one-hour sessions with registered trainers. An experienced trainer will visit your house or apartment and use positive reinforcement techniques as recommended by the RSPCA to teach your Tenterfield Terrier puppy.  

Quickfire Tenterfield Terrier Questions: 

Can I leave my Tenterfield Terriers alone during the day?

The Tenterfield Terrier does enjoy human companionship but it may grow accustomed to its owner's absence with training. Gradually increase the time you leave your dog home to help it get used to being on its own. Because of its high energy, however, you'll want to ensure it has plenty of exercise so that it won't cause problems when you're away. 

Are Tenterfield Terriers barkers?

Tenterfield Terriers are not shy about barking. If their tendency to bark disturbs you, talk to your trainer about employing silence commands. These dogs are very intelligent and can learn to bark less with positive reinforcement training. 

Are Tenterfield Terriers prone to health risks I should know about?

As with other breeds, the Tenterfield Terrier may be prone to certain health concerns, but in general, these are healthy dogs with a relatively long life expectancy. Some conditions owners should watch out for include: patellar luxation, overeating, and hypothyroidism.  

Where can I get a Tenterfield Terrier?

If you want to rescue and adopt a Tenterfield Terrier dog, check with your local rescue agencies. You may be able to find a dog who simply needs the right companion and living situation. Sometimes these purebred dogs are turned into rescue organizations when the owners realize that these dogs are too active for their household. With the right setting and owners, this breed is likely to do well. Check out the RSPCA's adoption guide to see if this is the ideal solution for you. If you want to purchase your Tenterfield Terrier from a reputable breeder, use this helpful guide for finding the right breeder from the RSPCA. 


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