The Dignified Scottish Terrier: A Bearded Beauty

by PetCloud / Breed Search / 26 Jul 2020

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If you are looking for a classy dog that can be dressed up and is fun and outgoing, the Scottish Terrier may just be the perfect dog for you! Here is everything you need to know about one of Europe’s favorite small dog breeds.


Breed Snapshot

Size Small dog (8-9kg); 25cm in height

Coat Long coat that should be brushed out frequently and taken to a groomer for stripping and sculpting regularly

Energy This is a high energy breed that should be walked daily and played with frequently. Let your dog chase a ball around the yard for extra exercise.

Lifespan 12 years

Country of origin Scotland

Breed type Part of the Terrier group. This is an intelligent dog with a loving and playful temperament

Other names “Diehard”

Great breed for:

  • Hunting small game
  • Families with kids or those who live alone
  • Apartment living or home with a yard

All About the Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terriers are small dogs that are fireballs when it comes to energy and stamina. This breed originated in Scotland during the 1700s as a hunting dog and loyal companion. Scottish Terriers were often given to respected nobility as gifts and are known to rule the home – it helps that they are adorable little dogs with lots of energy!

Scottish Terriers are dignified dogs that can be dressed in an assortment of costumes and be groomed in such a way to look like living artwork. This breed is extremely loyal to its owner and may perceive anyone who gets near their owner to be a threat. Scottish Terriers are excellent dogs for almost any household as they do well in both apartments and homes with yards.

Your Scottish Terrier will be your best friend and will always be begging for your undivided attention, making him or her a great breed for people who live alone.


What Does a Scottish Terrier Look Like?

The Scottish Terrier is an aristocratic dog that can be groomed in such a way to make him or her look like real royalty. This breed has a soft undercoat belly with wire-like thick hair on top. This dog is unique as it is one of the few breeds that grows a beard. Their coat is usually black or brown in colour with hints of white.

Scottish Terriers are small working dogs that are small in stature. They used to be bred to keep varmints and rodents away from the farm and so they have little but muscular bodies and rarely grow to be more than 25cm in height. This dog has a slender body hidden beneath all of its fur and a square muscle that helps it peer into small spaces.

Your Scottish Terrier will be able to hear even the faintest of noises, thanks to its sharp pointy ears. They have a short tail that points to the sky when they are excited or are trying to stand their ground.


How Do I Train My Scottish Terrier?

Training a Scottish Terrier can be a difficult task for those who have never done it before as they have a short attention span and would rather be off exploring the world. Use positive reinforcement training techniques and keep your training sessions short so they do not grow tired of following commands. This is the type of dog that gets bored easy.

If you would rather leave training your Scottish Terrier puppy to the experts, PetCloud can help you find a reputable professional trainer; there are many excellent trainers to choose from in Australia. Training sessions can run up to 6 weeks in duration and can begin when your puppy is ready to come home from its litter.


Grooming 101 for Scottish Terriers

Grooming a Scottish Terrier takes a lot of work and is best left to a professional groomer unless you have experience grooming this breed. They have an undercoat of fur that needs to be stripped to keep your dog looking marvelous. A Scottish Terrier should be groomed at least once a month at a cost of about $50 - $70 per session. Your Scottish Terrier can be groomed to look like a real show dog, complete with a sculpted beard and fur skirt that touches the ground.

Between grooming sessions, be prepared to brush your dog’s fur with a doggy brush frequently and give him or her a bath regularly to keep it smelling fresh. Provide your Scottish Terrier with plenty of chew toys that promote good oral health to keep its teeth clean.


What Makes the Perfect Home for a Scottish Terrier?

Scottish Terriers are happiest when they are near their owner so this dog breed can live in a home with a yard, a farm, or an apartment in the city. This dog loves to go on walks and have plenty of playtime, so it is not the ideal breed for anyone who is busy and spends a lot of time away. Take your dog on regular walks and let them explore the world. Scottish Terriers make excellent family dogs as they enjoy playing with members of the family.


The Scottish Terrier is a territorial breed, so he or she may not like being in the company of other dogs or your cat.

Scottish Terrier FAQs

What is the typical lifespan of a Scottish Terrier?

A healthy and well-fed Scottish Terrier usually lives 12 years. Your dog should receive regular exercise and lots of love.

Are Scottish Terriers expensive to take care of?

Before committing to bringing a Scottish Terrier home, you should ensure you have a budget to take care of all of his or her needs. Scottish Terriers require regular visits to the vet as well as a high-quality diet and professional grooming. Upkeep of a Scottish Terrier can cost over $100 per month.

Can My Scottish Terrier Be Left Alone?

Scottish Terriers love to be around their owners and should not be left home alone all day whilst you are at work. They get lonely and bored and this could lead to you coming home to a torn-up house!  For many Pet Owners, Doggy Day Care is the perfect solution for company enrichment, and socialisation during the day.

Do Scottish Terriers have health issues?

Be sure to get your Scottish Terrier from a reputable breeder to ensure the health and proper care of your pet. There are no serious genetic issues you should be worried about.


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