Puppy Profile: Dachshunds

by Catherine / Uncategorized / 22 Jun 2017

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Also known as the sausage dog or wiener dog because of their short-legged and long narrow build, the dachsund originated in Germany. Don't let that gorgeous face deceive you, dachshunds are intelligent, stubborn and mischievous. There versatility makes them excellent family companions and show dogs! 


Height: 20cms - 23cms tall at the shoulder
Weight: 7.25kgs – 14.5kgs
Lifespan: 12 - 15 years
Country of Origin: Germany
Breed Type: Hound Dogs


Exercise Needs        
 Three out of five paws, petcloud

four out of five paws, petcloud

Health and Grooming
Three out of five paws, petcloud

All Around Friendliness
Three out of five paws, petcloud

 Three out of five paws, petcloud
Information reference dogtime.com

Dachshunds are scent hound dog breeds who were bred to hunt badgers and other tunnelling animals, rabbits, and foxes. Pack of Dachshunds were even used to trail wild boars. The dog was required to move over all types of terrain, including dense undergrowth and water.


Family: Ideal for young and old, and for families

Personality: Will probably be a one-person dog. By nature, he can be suspicious of strangers, so it’s important to socialise they when they are a puppy

Temperament: Good tempered, faithful and versatile but can be an aggressive watch dog

Trainability: Dachshunds can be stubborn and difficult to housebreak. Crate-training is recommended. They are intelligent dogs with an independent nature and playful spirit. Because of this, they can be mischievous. Be patient, firm and consistent when training them.

Sociabilty (other pets): Low tendency to get along with other dogs and pets in the home

Barking: Loud, deep barks for a dog their size – and they do like to bark!



Grooming Needs: Smooth-Haired – should be groomed with a rubber glove once a week to remove dead hairs. Long-Haired – should be completely brushed and combed at least once a week. Wired-Haired – need their coats plucked two to three times a year.

Coat Type: Smooth-Haired – Dense, short and smooth. Long-Haired – Soft and straight, or only slightly waved. Wire-Haired – Short, straight, harsh coat.

Moulting: Moderate


Exercise Needs: Bred for hunting, so although it has short legs, it does need to get out for a good walk at least once a day

Diet: Monitor food and treat intake to keep at a healthy weigh as they are prone to becoming fat and lazy which will put strain on their back.

Average Life Span: Can live into its teenage years if well cared for and kept at a reasonable weight.

Special Considerations: Dachshunds are prone to having a slipped disks in their backs which can lead to partial or full paralysis. Don’t let them jump from high places and, when you hold them, support their back.
To get a healthy dog, never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill or pet store.

Excellent at scent, track and pursue
They were bred to not only hunt but kill their pretty; in our household, the “prey” most likely will be your Dachshund’s toys and he will effectively “kill” them one after the other.



  • The first Olympic mascot was a dachshund named Waldi. Dachshunds are known or their athletics and courage, so the colourful dog seemed like the perfect face for the Olympics.
  • The dachshund breed was created to hunt badgers. They are the smallest dog breed used for hunting.
  • Dachshunds were to Queen Victoria what corgis are to Queen Elizabeth II
  • A dachshund is Britain’s first cloned dog. The cloned dog, remarkably, is in excellent health and expected to live a long life.
  • Dachsunds have inspired the work of famous visual artists, including Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol.


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Starring Toby and Holly

Tara and Chris from Brisbane, Queensland went from being a couple to ‘mummy and daddy’ overnight. It all started with the movie ‘Hitch’ and Chris wanting nothing less than a “sausage dog” like on the TV.

These little pooches pack a lot of personality and individuality! Tara shares, “Toby has become very protective over my husband and I…which makes it difficult to have friends over. Holly is the opposite. She is very social and friendly, and everyone who meets her falls in love with her sweet nature.”

There has been some challenges, like with any furbaby. Tara recommends lots of research, puppy school and pet insurance is a must. “They are a gorgeous and sometimes comical breed, however they are prone to aggression and can be difficult to train. [However], in return for your patience and understanding, like any dog, they will love you unconditionally.”

dachshund lovers, PetCloud
Starring Slinky and Tearla
Hayley from Ipswich, Queensland shares how she went from not liking the breed to being totally obsessed! “Slinky saved my life and made everything in my life better. Once you go dachshund you never go back,” she says.

These playful dogs are very stubborn and cheeky. Hayley shares, Slinky acts like he can’t hear me [and] Tearla is a cold blooded hunter and killer. She is also an absolute mummies princess and a ‘sour puss’ to anyone and everything else.

Slinky is a trickster who tricks Mum into getting out of bed to let her out to the toilet and then sprints back to Mum’s bed to steal the pre-warmed blankets and pillow.

Tearla is an attention lover and will do anything to get it, including putting her head over your mouth knocking your phone out of your hand so you can’t talk to anyone else.

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