After COVID19: The New Travel Stamp you need to look for

by PetCloud / Pet Owner Advice / 13 Aug 2020

Covid19 travel stamp

Travel will soon be opening back up all over the world, and after social isolation, for some of us, its a much needed reprieve. However, before jumping at the first travel special you see, look out for the new travel stamp.

If youve tuned into the news, you will have read about the intentions of some governments and companies to open up travel again, giving a much needed boost towards reviving many tourism companies.

The Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO) has applied for, and been granted access to, make use of the World Travel & Tourism Council's (WTTC) recently released "Safe Travel Stamp".

Safe Travels Stamp Covid19


Using the new safe travel stamp on websites is voluntary.  If operators choose to display the stamp, there are health and hygiene protocols that the Operator is volunteering to adhere to.  There are also Terms and Conditions of using the stamp they must agree to if they use the stamp.  The great thing is, this stamp will allow travellers to recognise which governments and companies around the world which have adopted health and hygiene global standardised protocols so that you can experience ‘Safe Travels’.

So keep an eye out for it!

Meanwhile, here at PetCloud, Sitters and Dog Walkers are still following health and hygiene measures, such as frequent, thorough hand washing, face masks in Victoria, and social distancing of 1.5m.

So if we can help walk your dog or Pet Sit, let us know, as we'd love to help!