How to take the Ultimate Pet selfie?

by PetCloud / Pet Sitter Tips / 15 Feb 2016

Pet Sitters - How to take the ultimate Pet Selfie

Having a great portfolio of selfie snaps with furry pet clients to add to your Listing totally helps to add credibility to your profile. So why not try some of these tips today!

1. Get your positioning right Practice your pose and identify your best features and positioning, then use a Selfie Scope to avoid arms and fingers from appearing in your photos. It’s the ultimate travel (and handbag) companion! This compact selfie scope provides distance between you, and the camera, so you and the Pet you're minding can both fit in the shot. You’ll never have to ask some random stranger to take your photo again.

2. Timing & Treats, Treats, Treats! Get your ‘on the count of three’ in perfect sync with your pout with a Bluetooth Camera Remote. This clever buy pairs with your mobile phone to time photos perfectly. Give the Pet some of their favourite treats right before you snap a photo, that way they will be looking their most alive and happy!

3. Get creative Bored with Instagram filters? Then check out the 3-in-1 Micro Fisheye Lens for Smartphones, which totally transforms so-so selfies into creative works of art. The Fish Eye lens component creates a rounded affect with the focus point in the center, while the Telescopic lens component allows you to zoom in on all the right places.

4. Set the scene If the Pet is a dog, why not put them on a leash and head to a hip, urban, bright, dog-friendly cafe for breakfast? Order some spare bacon and a bowl of water for the dog and show you are looking after them. Or perhaps your photo moment is all about capturing you and the pet at the beach or playing in the park? Make a Mini Tripod your new best friend. You can position it at any distance, to ensure you get all the best scenery in view. Even better, you’ll have control over your camera angle and total stability, so there’ll be no more blurry shots or ant-eye-views!

5. Add personality Make your selfie’s stand out from the pack with your own signature style. Practice your smile or pout, as well as natural and looks that scream energy! Try giving the pet gentle scratches on the chest or under the chin.  Head positioning is a great trick to master for flattering selfies. Try tilting your head down and slightly towards one side, with shoulders back, or one shoulder slightly forward snuggling into the pet.