BREAKING NEWS: New Laws Protect Animal Violence Victims

by PetCloud / Pet Owner Advice / 19 Oct 2020

Violence on a Dog

BREAKING NEWS: New Laws will Protect Animals who are Victims of Violence. 

> Animals will soon be included in Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders, 
> animal abuse will be recognised as a form of domestic violence, and 
> A grant of half a million will upgrade refuges to become animal friendly so victims can leave violence with animals. 

This morning the NSW Attorney General announced these groundbreaking new domestic and family violence reforms that will be brought to the House in the coming weeks. 

These reforms:
1) recognise the link between animal abuse and domestic violence, PLUS 
2) provide resources to overcome many of the barriers faced by victims escaping violence with companion animals.

These reforms will help to protect both animal and human victims of domestic violence. But there’s more work to be done in this area. Why? 

> Tougher penalties are required to deter animal abuse, and 
> A revision of our tenancy laws to ensure affordable and secure rental accommodation is accessible for families to stay together with animals long-term.