Love pets? Become a Mumpreneur with PetCloud

by PetCloud / Pet Sitter Tips / 16 Jul 2015

Love pets? Become a Mumpreneur with PetCloud

The number of women running businesses in Australia is growing, with "mumpreneurs" being early adopters of new technologies and utilising social media to launch their businesses from home.  In fact, Mums are leading the way in navigating new technology and new business opportunities, as a means to tackle the challenge of balancing economic and family goals.

The popularity of Australian sharing economy website PetCloud has risen dramatically mainly due to Mums who are going there in droves to create freedom, flexibility, family time and an income for themselves and their families.  Best of all, it's free to join the site to get started as a Pet Sitter.

The team at PetCloud share 5 reasons why becoming a Pet Sitter is the best thing for you and your family:

1- Pet Sitters not only get the companionship of cute pets, but also get to earn money while doing it. Pet Sitters on PetCloud have had no trouble making over $1000 per month being the host family for a pet.

2 - Researchers have found that patting and cuddling a pet is a proven antidote to stress. It has been found that that petting a dog can lower blood pressure, as compared to interacting with another person.

3 - Kids who have been raised around pets grow up to be more empathetic. They also have fewer visits to the doctor and have a high immunity.

4 - A wagging tail, a furry cuddle or a little lick can always help to lift your spirits. Pets can be great company in times of when youre feeling flat, bored, or lonely. Like times when you want company but don't want to talk to anyone.

5 - A PT on a leash, Dogs can act as the perfect personal trainer. They usually require to be walked several times a day and can be a great motivation for you to get out and exercise.

At PetCloud, there are various other ways you can make money and have a furry companion. Pet Sitters can earn by doing other activities like walking, grooming, pet taxi, and daycare services.


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