Life of a Pet Sitter – Cuddling pets & earning Money

by Shekhar Raychaudhury / Pet Sitter Tips / 9 Sep 2015

Life of a Pet Sitter

A lot of pet owners find it hard to plan a holiday or a weekend away because they do not want to leave their furry family member alone. I personally find it very rewarding to help someone out and contribute to the pet loving community. Pet sitting has certainly created an opportunity for all pet lovers to make a difference and help out pet owners. Clayfield pet lover, Amy Shaw, was one of the first to sign up as a pet sitter after it launched in April. The Business Development Manager could not commit to owning an animal full time due to her work and travel ambitions, but loves having animals around her and had some spare time during the week.

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Charging around $45 for all day care and $35 per night, PetCloud allows her to pet-sit local dogs and cats while making some money.  “I think it is a really good idea because they are much more comfortable in a home environment,” Ms Shaw said.  Amy is offering her pet sitting services through the website and is experienced in owning pets previously. Here are some reasons why Pet lovers find this experience so rewarding;

  • Have a pet without owning one – A lot of pet lovers can not own a pet because of their busy lifestyle but pet sitting gives them the opportunity to cuddle a furry one for a few days and take care of it.
  • Makes you happy – a lick on your nose, a wagging tail or an an excited pet welcoming you when you get home. Tell me if that doesn’t make you happy.
  • A weekend companion – Our busy lifestyle makes it hard to socialise on weekends and sometimes you just want to have a night in, watch Netflix and a dog or a cat can be the perfect weekend companion.
  • Flexibility – As a sitter you can set your availability, choose your pet and be your own boss. It is definitely better than a 9 to 5 job.
  • Extra cash – You get to make money doing what you love. Everyone aspires to do that. Well now you can!

Join the Pet Loving community at PetCloud and make a difference with every pet. Join now and share your experience with us. Find your Pawfect match!