Meet the Fox Terrier: A Distinguished Hunting Dog

by PetCloud / Breed Search / 25 Jul 2020

Happy Fox Terrier, Smooth Fox Terrier

A reliable hunting companion that prances through the forest, the Fox Terrier is a game finder that will not let you down. If you are looking for a hunting dog that is poised with confidence and has a tender heart, read on to learn more about this dynamic breed.


Breed Snapshot

Size Medium size dog (7-8kg); approximately 38cm tall

Coat Low shedding, but it has a rough coat that should be brushed weekly

Energy Energetic dog that should be walked daily for at least 1 hour as well as some playtime with its human family

Lifespan 12 – 15 years

Country of origin England

Breed type A member of the Terrier sporting group, this dog is a lively hunter that enjoys spending time with his or her owners. This dog is know to be confident and intelligent.

Other names “Smooth Fox Terrier” in the USA

Great breed for:

  • Active families
  • Hunters
  • Home with a yard

More Information About the Fox Terrier

The Fox Terrier originated in England and was developed to be a distinguished hunter that could accompany aristocrats into the forest. The English wanted a dog that was packable and could be toted up to the hunting grounds with ease. Historically, the role of the Fox Terrier was to chase fox out of their holes to be hunted by sportsmen.

Fox Terriers are still considered to be hunting mates but are viewed as more of a loyal companion today. Fox Terriers are an intelligent breed that are highly active and are always ready to explore. A Fox Terriers gate is more like a prance and they exude confidence as they roam around.

What Does a Fox Terrier Look Like?

As a member of the Terrier family, the Fox Terrier features many of the same characteristics of other Terriers such as a patchy fur coat and a distinctive pointy face. The Fox Terrier has a V-shape face, which is unique to this breed and distinguishes it from other Terriers. Most Fox Terriers have white fur with brown coloured patches, but you can also find white dogs with black patches.

Fox Terriers have a smooth coat of rough fur and are slender dogs that are muscular. This breed has short floppy ears and a long tail that wags when he or she gets excited.

How Do I Groom My Fox Terrier?

Fox Terriers are low-maintenance dogs that do not need to go to a groomer unless you want to pamper your pet. Keep your Fox Terriers coat looking shiny and healthy by running a dog brush through it weekly and giving it a bath when the coat starts to get dirty. Fox Terriers can get ear infections, so you want to be sure to keep its ears clean by flushing them out with ear solution.

Provide your Fox Terrier with plenty of chew toys that promote good oral health and trim his or her nails a couple of times per month, so they do not get too long and snag on objects.

How Do I Train My Fox Terrier?

Fox Terriers should receive obedience training beginning early on in puppyhood as they can grow up to be territorial dogs without it. Fox Terriers are loving and loyal toward their people family, but can be aggressive with other pets, especially if they are not trained properly. Unless you have experience training Terrier dogs, it is best if you sign your dog up for obedience lessons with a professional dog trainer. Fox Terriers respond best to positive reinforcement training that comes complete with tasty treats.

Fox Terriers are comedians and enjoy entertaining their human family. Once trained, your dog will proudly show you all his or her tricks and engage in some silliness to make you laugh.

What Makes a Fox Terrier Special?

Not only are Fox Terriers good at chasing foxes out of their holes, but they are also excellent family dogs because of their happy disposition. This is a high energy breed that loves to play catch with its owner and run around with the kids. Fox Terriers are independent dogs, so they can occupy themselves when you are busy, as long as they are provided with an assortment of interesting toys.

Fox Terriers make good guard dogs as they are fearless when it comes to protecting their territory. They are not aggressive but will stand their ground and defend what is theirs.

Fox Terrier FAQs

What is the lifespan of a Fox Terrier?

As long as you provide your dog with a healthy diet and give him or her plenty of exercise, your Fox Terrier should live between 12 – 15 years.

Can my Fox Terrier be left home alone?

No, this is not a dog breed that can be left home alone all day whilst you are at work. The Fox Terrier will become destructive if left alone with nothing to do. If you have to be away from home and work in an office, consider enrolling your foxy in a program of Doggy Day Care.  Or if you are heading away on holidays for an extended period of time, consider hiring a dog sitter.

Are Fox Terriers hypoallergenic?

No, Fox Terriers shed dander, which can send your pet allergies into a tailspin. It is best to avoid this breed if you have pet allergies.

Are they diggers?

Fox Terriers will dig holes in your yard if they are bored, so it is best to keep a close eye on your dog while it is outside playing.

How Can I Get a Fox Terrier?

Fox Terriers are bred all over Australia so you do not need to import them from other countries. The key to getting a great Fox Terrier is to make sure you make your purchase from a responsible breeder. Visit RSCPA where  they have a list of responsible breeders located throughout Australia as well guides and resources to help you along the way.



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