Australian Pet Parents are now taking worry-Free Holidays

by PetCloud / Travel / 9 Feb 2016

Retired Australian Pet Parents
"I couldn't believe it." PetCloud Director Mark Jones had just sat down to enjoy a Friday afternoon beer with his Accountant Father in law who was relaying the story of a retired client who had given up a $7000 cruise holiday of a life time.  He had pets at home and couldn't locate anyone close by that he trusted enough and who was willing and available to care for them.
If only he know about
Officially launched in April 2015, PetCloud is an Australian website that provides a way for Pet Owners to search and connect with local, trusted pet lovers. It's free to join and free to search and like AirBnB, there is a 15% charge when bookings are made to help pay for transaction fees and cover hosting costs.
Vet Student Sophie in Melbourne uses her free time to do pet sitting and help out busy pet owners like Pet Owner Renee who had to go on a tour and didnt know anyone in his neighbourhood who would take care of his dog Toby.  But a quick search on PetCloud he was quickly able to find several Pet Sitters in his area who were suitable.   Sophies qualifications definitely made her a stand out, and a pawfect match was created.
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