Is the Australian Bulldog the Right Dog Breed for You?

by PetCloud / Breed Search / 19 Aug 2020

Australian Bulldog

When the British bulldog traveled to the outback, it developed into the Australian bulldog, an aussiefied dog breed that's big on charm and intelligence. This breed is loyal, companionable, and eager to please its human companions. Learn about this beloved dog breed here.


Breed Snapshot:

  • Size: Weight: 23-35kg. Height: 44-51cm
  • Coat: Low-shedding, short-haired coat in shades of fawn, red, mahogany, white, brindle, and black
  • Energy: Low energy. They need about 30 minutes of exercise per day
  • Lifespan: 10-12 years
  • Country of Origin: Australia
  • Breed Type: Bulldog
  • Other Names: Aussie bulldog
  • Great Breed for: Homes with families, apartment living 

What Is an Australian Bulldog?

The Australian bulldog is a close relative of the British bulldog. Upon reaching Australia and various locales throughout the outback, the newly arrived bulldogs were likely bred with boxers and bullmastiffs. Breeders were looking to create a dog with many traditional bulldog traits complemented by other traits suited to life in rugged terrain. The result is today's Aussie bulldog.

This breed is affectionate, loyal, and a first-rate family pet. It gets along very well with children and usually with other pets, too. Slightly more active than British bulldogs, Australian bulldogs still aren't keen on jogging and don't mind lounging with their owners after taking a moderately brisk walk or spending time outdoors. These dogs prefer to live indoors with their family and are rarely aggressive--though they do make good watchdogs.  


What Do Australian Bulldogs Look Like?

Australian bulldogs have a thickset muscular body, like their British counterparts. They have broad chests and are square-like in appearance, with docked tails. They have the same pushed-in face and wrinkles as other bulldog breeds. 


What Makes the Australian Bulldog Special?

The Australian bulldog is an affectionate, good-natured dog that adapts well to homes with children or to apartment settings. Although slightly more active (some might say less lazy) than English bulldogs, the Aussie bulldog is content with a moderate walk or two daily. If there's a fenced backyard, it enjoys chasing a ball or a stick for a bit--although not nearly as long as more active and athletic breeds do. Australian bulldogs are extremely loyal and will perform watchdog duties even without much training. 


How Often Do I Need to Groom My Australian Bulldog?

This breed has a low-maintenance fine, short-haired coat that only needs brushing a couple times per week. To prevent infection and reduce the risk for dermatitis, be sure to wipe the dog's wrinkles and folds with a warm damp cloth and then dry thoroughly. 

How Often Should I Walk My Australian Bulldog?

Aussie bulldogs don't need a lot of exercise--just a moderate amount. Two 15-20 minutes walks each day typically suffice. These dogs do enjoy some playtime outdoors. If you're living in an apartment setting without access to a dog park, you may want to extend walk times to ensure the dog is getting all the activity it needs to thrive. 

How Do I Train My Australian Bulldog?

Australian bulldogs are intelligent and respond well to positive reinforcement training, especially when introduced early. These dogs can be quite stubborn, but they are usually open to pleasing their human companions. Pet Cloud features dog training classes in blocks of six-week, one-hour sessions with registered trainers. An experienced trainer will visit your house or apartment and use positive reinforcement techniques as recommended by the RSPCA to teach your Aussie bulldog puppy.  

Quickfire Australian Bulldog Questions: 

Can I leave my Australian bulldog alone during the day?

Australian bulldogs can be left alone during the day, but some may be quite attached to their humans. If your dog seems anxious, you may want to practice leaving for short periods and then work your way up to longer absences in order to get it accustomed to your schedule. Once used to the routine, bulldogs will spend much of the time snoozing and relaxing while their owner is away. 

Are Australian bulldogs barkers?

Aussie bulldogs are not known as barkers. If your dog shows a tendency to bark excessively, talk to your trainer about learning some silence commands. 

Are Australian bulldogs prone to health risks I should know about?

Like many dogs, the Australian bulldog is associated with certain health conditions. These include: hip dysplasia, respiratory conditions, and heat exhaustion. 

Where can I get an Australian bulldog?

If you want to rescue or adopt an Australian bulldog, check with your local rescue agencies. You may be able to find a dog who simply needs the right companion and living situation. With the right setting and owners, this breed is very likely to do well. Check out the RSPCA's adoption guide to see if this is the ideal solution for you. If you want to purchase your Aussie bulldog from a reputable breeder, use this helpful guide for finding the right breeder from the RSPCA. 

Note: PetCloud does not endorse the use of choke chains on dogs, as per the article image, there was a shortage of stock images of this breed.

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