Sitter of the Month for November is Dee

by Catherine Tucker / Pet Owner Advice / 7 Nov 2017

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This month we are highlighting Dee who loves all animals and has over 20 years experience in the pet industry with an impressive list of speciality skills.

After an injury at a former job, Dee decided to re-assess her career and decide to become a pet sitter with PetCloud. Dee couldn't think of anything else she would rather do than spend all day sharing my love with all different kinds of furry, feathered and finned babies.   

I’ve been with PetCloud: since May 2016
Occupation: Owner of 4Paws Sitting Services through PetCloud
Services I offer: Minding at sitters home, house sitting, house visits, day care, daily walking and pet taxi services.
Speciality Skills: Currently undertaking the following course: * Veterinary Support Assistant, * Animal Care, * Careers with Animals, * Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, * Pet First Aid & CPR and * Animal Physical Therapy


How do you make owners and their pets feel special?

I always welcome fur kids with open arms & of course their owners. I like to think of the fur babies as part of my ever growing extended family. 

My house is their house & I’m just here to cater to their every need. They are able to sleep in my bed, they have full run of the house & are able to sit back on the lounge with me at night & enjoy a movie or two.

I also like to report back to the owners with pictures & stories of their fur kids adventure while their away which gives owners that extra reassurance they are are happy & very much loved.

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What do you find rewarding about being a pet sitter?

The trust that pet owners have with me to look after their fur babies makes me feel very special. It is a big responsibility to look after other people’s fur kids & to have a lot of repeat customer’s means I’m doing something right.

I also love how the fur kids get excited when they know they are coming to visit & how excited they are when they leap out of the car & run inside my front gate. This is a big reassurance to the owners to know that there fur kids love coming to visit.

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What extra services do you offer to increase your income and help out your clients?

I always tell owners I’m open 24/7. I understand how hard it is to leave your pets while your away & understand the first thing they want to do when they return is see their babies.

If someone’s flight arrives back late or they have to leave early – my door is always open.

Being flexible & being able to fit in with owners needs is very important too.

How did being a PetCloud Certified Pet Sitter help you stand out from the pack and give you confidenc?

Standing out from the pack is important & having completed my PetCloud Certified Pet Sitter course allows me to do just that.

Having been in the pet industry for over 20 years, I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge in all things animal but the course taught me specific information to allow my hobby to boom into a business. 

When you complete the course you are awarded verification badges that are applied to your online profile and the more badges you have – the more confidence you gain with pet owners.

From past experience, owners are more likely to book a sitter who has proven experience & training than someone who doesn’t.

Share your top tips for getting your name out there and growing your client base?

  • Social media linking to my PetCloud profile is a great way to grow your client base – starting up a Facebook & Instagram page is a great start.
  • Posting stories about your adventures & posting pictures helps spread the word & everyone likes to look at cute puppies & kitties.
  • Nothing is better than word of mouth – when the fur kids are happy, the clients will be happy too & more likely to rave about you & your services with friends & family.
  • A few of my clients are family or neighbours of previous guests, who have heard about my services and have seen how happy the fur kids come home. So they want that same happiness for their babies


What’s one piece of advice you would give to budding Pet Sitters out there?

Get yourself out there – letterbox drops, business cards, visiting the local dog park & social media are all great ways to expand your client base. With the new affiliation with GreenCross Vets and Pet Barn – pop into the local store & speak with the manager about advertising your services in your local store.  


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