Our Pet Photoshoot Experience with Zoo Studio!

by Deb Morrison / Pet Owner Advice / 13 Nov 2016

Pet Photoshoot Experience

Has your pet been photographed in an actualy studio before?  We find out what its like with the team from Zoo Studio.

I didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t had a photography experience with any pet before.  The way I would describe the experience is that Zoo Studio took me on a wonderful and unexpected journey of intrigue. 

I was firstly phoned up by the Zoo Studio team and asked about my relationship with my pet cavoodle dog Milly and recall how I first “met” Milly and why I chose her out of the pack and querky questions about her favourite toys and cool experiences we’ve had together. 

They then sent me a beautiful invitation in the mail (no one seems to send beautiful things in the mail these days, with everything being so quick on email) along with a mud map of how to get to their off site studio.

Finally the day arrived, so a colleague and I drove out to the studio. We were pretty excited to have a day away from the screens on our desks watching an expert photograph Milly. 

I had heaps of questions inside my head. How exactly do you shoot a dog? How do you keep them still? Should I have brought smoothing hairspray for her? Should I have brought more treats? Should I have groomed her a bit more? Was she in a state of what they were expecting her to be in?  What if she wees in the studio accidentally? Will they care? 

I brought a car full of props, most of which weren’t needed. Ken then got to work on adjusting the lighting and props while Milly walked around sniffing for traces of former guests.  Ken got Milly into position and started on the shoot.  She really seemed to listen to him. Or rather, Ken knew exactly what to do to get Milly to look at him and give him her full attention.  I was really surprised how he managed to get so many great shots.

You can watch the video on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/messagedeb/videos/10153261331225950/

Fast forward to a few hours later, we were out of there and headed back to the office. We were then invited to come to their main office and show room for a ‘showing’. A showing? What exactly happens at a showing? It had me intrigued again as to what was involved as Zoo doesn’t do anything in halves.

I arrived at their office and was invited into the showroom where Beck had arranged the best edited shots of Milly into an on-screen portfolio presentation with beautiful backing music where we chatted through the photos and make a final selection.

Here’s the final results:

PetCloud Milly Zoo StudioPetCloud Milly Zoo StudioPetCloud Milly Zoo StudioPetCloud Milly Zoo Studio

I was told the photos would be put into frames and canvases and then I would be asked to come and collect on a date when they were ready.

The collection day arrived and I was asked by the team to come to collect the portraits and canvas and I was blown away.  They looked amazing and were presented to me on an easel wrapped with a huge big bow, as well as given a beautiful box with a USB stick of the portraits. I actually had tears in my eyes.  

I guess the thing that touched me the most was Beck and Ken didn’t even ask me what kind of standard our start up office was and I was made to feel just so incredibly special.  Our office now just looks amazing with the brightly coloured portraits of Milly and additional pets around the office and in the reception area as people walk in.  People always comment what amazing portraits they are and ask who took them.

So if you get the chance to have your pets portrait taken with Beck and Ken, go!  Zoo Studio are a team with big hearts for people and their pets - You’ll see a whole other side of beautiful.  Thank you Zoo Studio.