Pet Care for Fly in Fly Out Workers

by Deb Morrison / Pet Owner Advice / 30 Oct 2016

FIFO and Fly in Fly Out Jobs and Airport and Pet Sitting

Fly-in fly-out workers can earn big wages; ranging from $80,000 to $300,000 for jobs across defence, mining, and oil & gas.  However it involves having a rotating roster offshore where you fly in and fly out for work.

So while the growing frequent flyer points might be an advantage, and you bank account grows fat and debts are able to be paid off, what happens if you own a pet? 

Keeping your pet caged up in a kennel for 1-4 weeks while youre away is not a solution. But wearing out favours with friends and family can also take its toll.  

However, there is hope!  Australian owned and operated, national website PetCloud has Pet Sitters across Australia who are willing to care for your pet in their own home while youre away.  Some Sitters even offer skype video sessions with your dog!

Pet Care for FIFO Workers

Every booking through PetCloud is insured with PetCloud's $20M insurance cover.  PetCloud is also partnered with RSPCA across most States in Australia and we have worked with them to ensure our experienced Sitters offer the highest standard of pet care.  The website is free to join, and free to search and inquire with Pet Sitters about their availability.  To get started, simply create a profile for you, and a profile for your pet.

Pet Sitting for FIFO Workers and Defence


At PetCloud, our aim is your help you enjoy and balance your life with your pet, so you can set out to achieve the goals you need. Use promo code FIFO to get 10% off. Expires 31st Dec 2016


Enjoy and balance your FIFO life with your pet through PetCloud

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