Paws For Thought This National Dog Day

by Catherine Tucker / Pet Owner Advice / 26 Aug 2017

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This National Dog Day, Saturday 26th of August, we want to celebrate all dogs – big and small – and most importantly how we can keep them happy and healthy.


In particular, we want to highlight the working dogs at Guide Dogs Australia who enrich so many people’s lives.

Guide Dogs Australia assist people who are blind or have a vision impairment gain the freedom and independence to move safely and confidently around their communities, and to fulfil their potential.

For these hard working pooches it is imperative they are on the top of their game mentally and physically.

Dr Caroline Moeser, Veterinary and Breeding Services Manager at Guide Dogs Australia promotes the age old saying prevention is better than cure.

“Here at Guide Dogs Australia the health of our dogs is vital that’s why we highlight preventative medicine,” she said.

But what could strike down a healthy, well trained Guide Dog in just hours? A tick, especially paralysis ticks!

To coincide with National Dog Day, Guide Dogs Australia have partnered with NexGard to help all pet owners understand the important of keeping their pets safe.

With tick season here, Dr Moesner says despite where their dedicated puppy raisers are in Australia vituline is key.

“We have puppies place all over Australia – from Metropolitan to regional areas…Therefore, it’s really important that we use an effective preventative product for fleas and ticks,” Dr Moesner said.

“That’s why we use NexGard for our puppies and adult Guide Dogs.”

NexGard supplies Guide Dog handlers all over Australia with its tasty, once-a-month chews which protects these special animal from ticks and fleas so they can keep helping everyday Australians.

Guide Dogs Australia and NexGard want all fur parents to become more aware of, and check for, Paralysis Ticks.

In an initiative to help pet owners, NexGard has created Australia’s first Paralysis Tick Advisory Panel comprised of 14 veterinary experts who have created helpful material with tick information and techniques for checking your pets.

For your copy of the “Deadly Paralysis Ticks, How to protect our pet” brochure developed by the Australian Paralysis Tick Advisory Panel, contact your vet.

NexGard has created Australia’s first Paralysis Tick Advisory Panel comprised

NexGard is a tasty once-a-month chew that can be given with or without food and is suitable for puppies from eight weeks of age, weighing 2kgs or greater.  It is available in Australia at leading veterinary clinics and pet speciality stores.

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