The Papillion: Smart, Loyal, and lots of Energy

by PetCloud / Breed Search / 13 Jul 2020


The Papillon is a dainty and elegant little dog that loves to be the centre of attention. If you are looking for a small dog that has a lot of energy and a loving heart, then the Papillon might just be the dog you have been looking for. Keep reading to learn more about this adorable breed.


Breed Snapshot

•   Size: 20 to 28 cm tall. Weighs anywhere between 1.75kg and 3kg

•   Coat: Long, silky hair that does not come with an undercoat. Low shedding. Needs to be bathed once a month and brushed or combed two to three times a week.

•   Energy: Moderate energy levels. Papillons like to run around for 10 to 20 minutes outside a day. They do not require a large yard and they will be happy to get their exercise indoors if they need to.

•   Country of Origin: France and other parts of Europe

•   Breed Type: A combination of toy terrier breeds. They are friendly, loyal and affectionate dogs

•   Great Breed For: Apartments, One-level homes, and families with older children


What is a Papillon?

The Papillion is a small and friendly breed of dog that originated in Europe. For several centuries, this breed has been popular amongst nobleman, royalty, and other elite members of society who found the dog to be the true definition of elegance and grace.

This breed was created during the Renaissance and is a combination of other toy breed spaniels. This athletic dog is thought o have originated in France. However, in the early 1900s, their popularity began to grow as Papillion breeding centres started to pop up all over Spain and Italy.

What Does the Papillion Look Like?

The Papillon is a small dog that measures anywhere from 8 to 11 inches tall. This dog has long, flowing hair that has a silky texture to it and a long, full tail that usually curves up and over the dog's back.

One of the things that are most noticeable about this breed of dog is its large, pointy ears that are wide at the base and gradually go down to a narrow point. Many people think that a Papillon's ears look like butterfly wings, which is actually how it got its name. The word "papillon' is a French word that translates to "butterfly" in English.

What Makes a Papillon Special?

Papillons can live happily on all parts of the world as they are able to easily acclimate to both cold and warm climates.  They are also extremely friendly and energetic dogs that love to play and be a part of the fun when in large crowds. They are also known for their impressive athleticism and you will often see this breed winning agility competitions at dog shows.

How Often Should You Groom Your Papillon?

Despite being a long-haired dog, Papillons do not actually require an excessive amount of grooming. They do not have an undercoat, so they only require proper bathing once or twice a month. However, because their hair is long and can easily knot up, it is a good idea to run a brush or comb through their hair every few days.

Papillons have fast-growing claws that should be trimmed on a regular basis. They are also known to have dental decay more frequently than other breeds, so it is important to brush their teeth on a regular basis.

How Often Should You Walk Your Papillon?

Papillons are small dogs that could happily play in the house for most of the day. However, they are also energetic, so it is important that they are able to go outside and stretch their legs for a few minutes each day. Because Papillons often do not realize their small size, they should be monitored carefully when they are outside around other large dogs and animals.

How Do I Train My Papillon?

Papillons are smart and loyal dogs who are always eager to please their owner. They are usually fairly easy to train and react well to positive reinforcement. Some Papillon owners have noted that as puppies, this breed can take a little longer than other breeds to house train. However, with consistency, this lovable dog will eventually learn what it is that you want them to know.


Where can I get a Papillon?

The majority of Papillon breeders used to be found in Europe. However, today, you can find several Papillon breeders on almost any part of the world. Owning a Papillon can be a rewarding experience and anyone who is able to provide a loving home for this lovable animal is encouraged to get one.   Before buying a Papillon, you first need to make sure that you are using a responsible breeder that has experience with caring for Papillons and understands how to properly care for them to promote their emotional and physical health.


Quickfire Papillon Questions

How Long will my Papillon live?

The average lifespan of a papillon is around 13 to 15 years.


Are Papillons good family dogs?

Papillons are a companion dog who love to be around people. However, because they are a small dog, they can be easily injured and should be monitored closely when around small children,


Do Papillons make good house dogs?

While this dog does love to run around outside and is comfortable in various climates, they are more comfortable indoors and love to snuggle up in their owners.


Can my Papillon be left home alone all day?

Papillons do l like to have human companionship and love attention. However, with the right training, they can learn to fend for themselves for a few hours each day.


Do Papillons have any health issues?

Papillons have been known to have a fontanel (soft spot) on the top of the skull that should be monitored to prevent permanent injury. Their kneecaps are also prone to dislocate briefly. Because they are prone to knee injuries, some Papillons do not like to climb stairs. They are also known to easily become overweight, so owners should make sure not to overfeed the dog.



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