Is it Possible to do Shift work and Own a Dog?

by Deb Morrison / Pet Owner Advice / 4 Jun 2018

Shift worker trying to sleep

Shiftworkers - most of us know one, OR we are one; Most shift workers are in service occupations, like protective and Emergency services such as Police, Security, Health Staff such as Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, Pilots and Flight Attendants, Taxi Drivers, food preparation and serving, healthcare, and transportation.

Having a schedule that takes place outside the traditional 9 am – 5 pm day can involve evening or night shifts, early morning shifts, and rotating shifts. Many industries rely heavily on shift work, and millions of people work in jobs that require shift schedules.

So is it possible to be a shift worker and own a dog?

It’s not just shiftworkers who are challenged; all full-time workers should think seriously about the impact and implications of a dog being left home alone. If you work full-time and want to have a dog you need to have an enormous amount of back-up, such as a dog walker coming in while you're at work.

Why? Dogs are pack animals. They love company.  The maximum amount of time a dog should be left alone is four hours and that's pushing it. Dogs have got to have lots of enrichment toys and lots of stimulation.

Photo courtesy of SES Dogs WA

Some breeds need lots of mental stimulation, such as:

  • Border Collies,
  • Kelpies,
  • Australian Cattle dogs
  • Siberian Huskies
  • Weimaraners
  • Pointers
  • Australian Shepherds
  • English Springer Spaniels
  • Parson Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers.
  • Airedale Terriers
  • Miniature Pinschers
  • Dalmatians
  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Boxers

These breeds are not recommended to people who work full-time (shift work or not) should have.  Look at the type of dog you want and look at the lines of the breed.

What to do if you really want the companionship of a dog though

Option 1 - If someone's desperate for the companionship of a dog then contact some golden oldie rescue groups and go for a dog in their twilight years who's happy to sleep for many hours a day.

Option 2 – Become a Pet Sitter with PetCloud, create your listing, update your calendar, and only activate it when you’re available and keep your eye on the Pet Jobs Board and apply for Pet jobs.

So what if you already own a barking, howling, bored, restless dog and you’re trying to sleep during the day?

If you’re not getting enough sleep, it can affect your well-being, your productivity at work, and your relationships. Your dog needs mental stimulation and a thorough amount of exercise daily, along with companionship.

Book a Dog Walker near me

One of the most common reasons given for surrenders at animals shelters is the dog's destructive behaviour (doing things like chewing the owner's belongings).

This can often be prevented by training your dog and then giving your dog the regular exercise and mental stimulation they need to be happy and healthy. However, when you are busy working long hours, it's hard to give your dog the time they need. That's where doggy daycare can be a real lifesaver.

What is Doggy Daycare?

Doggy daycare works a lot like daycare for children. You drop your dog off at the Pet Sitter’s house in the morning on the way to work. While you are at work, your dog gets plenty of attention. Depending on your dog's needs and temperament as well as the activities set out by the Pet Sitter, your dog may enjoy his day by playing with other dogs, playing with people, or snuggling up on a nice bed or couch getting loving attention. Your dog will also have the chance to spend time indoors and outdoors, including the opportunity to have a potty break and do lots of sniffing around a different neighbourhood when they go for walks. This is so much better than waiting all day like some dogs do.

Cost of Doggy Daycare

The cost of doggy daycare can vary between about $12 - $35 per day.  Cost typically depends on the region where you live and the frequency you want to book the Carer.

In-Home Doggy Daycare

In-home/private daycare is often less expensive than commercial daycare. These are usually run by one person and are restricted to a low number of dogs being cared for at any given time.  This may be the better option for you and your dog if your dog is easily overwhelmed.

All dogs must be healthy in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and parasites, which means vaccinations must be up to date, and flea, tick, and worm control. In-home daycare offers your dog a home environment and more human-to-dog contact than commercial facilities.

Post a Job & have Doggy Daycarers Apply