How Smart People are getting paid to exercise

by PetCloud / Pet Sitter Tips / 15 Jun 2020

woman exercising with a Dog

If social isolation has got you out of your gym routine, we have the perfect way for you to get back into a daily rythm of exercise.


Regular physical activity and a healthy diet are important factors in ensuring you maintain a healthy weight. Getting those 10,000 steps up per day is also an important factor in preventing and managing chronic illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Australian Department of Health published results from a National Health Survey done in 2014-15 which indicated that:

  • 55.5% of 18-64 year olds participated in sufficient physical activity in the last week (more than 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or more than 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity, or an equivalent combination of both, including walking)
  • Nearly one in three (29.7%) 18-64 year olds were insufficiently active (less than 150 minutes in the last week) while 14.8% were inactive (no exercise in the last week). 

So what better way to be incentivised, than to get paid to exercise?  On top of that - you even get to do it with a furry Personal Trainer.  

Does Dog Walking count as exercise?

Yes! Health Experts say brisk walking for 45 minutes mobilises your body to dip into fat reserves and burn your stored fat. It's especially effective for burning internal belly fat, known as visceral fat, the stuff that contributes to your waistline and raises the risk for diabetes and heart disease.

What does a Dog Walker do?

Dog Walker's responsibilities involve safely transporting dogs to and from their homes, providing clean water to drink, and picking up dog waste (and noting if it is a strange colour or consistency and reporting it to the Owner). They also seek immediate Pet Owner or Veterinarian attention should any dog become sick or injured while under their care.

Professional Dog Walkers take time to understand the stage of life (old or young) a dog is at, and also to research the temporament of the breeds they will be walking and whether there are any potential triggers.   They also understand whether the dog is a brachycephalic (meaning shortened snouts). Popular brachycephalic breeds include English and French bulldogs, bull mastiffs, Boston terriers, boxers, pugs, shih tzus, Lhasa apsos, Pekingese, King Charles Cavaliers, and mixes of King Charles Cavaliers, such as Cavoodles. 

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Why is it so important to understand Brachycephalic breed dogs when it comes to dog walking?

Brachycephalic dogs are prone to heat stroke, because the windpipe in these dog breeds may be deformed and often narrowed, so less oxygen can be drawn with each breath. Dogs cannot sweat and instead regulate their temperature largely through panting, and so this is why dogs with narrow or deformed windpipes can overheat.   Professional Dog Walkers are careful not overwalk dogs.

What other things should I know?

  • Professional Dog Walkers are insured through a reputable Dog Walking service such as PetCloud.  
  • They know how to read dog body language.
  • They have full control of their client's dog on a leash in public at all times.
  • They never walk dogs on heat in public.
  • They never leave a dog in a car or tied up out the front of a grocery store.
  • They will only walk dogs during the early morning or late afternoon so that footpaths and bitchumen will be cooler on paws.
  • Dog Walkers don't take client dogs to dog parks burn off energy as they are a hotspot for dog fights to break out. 
  • They generally don't pack-walk.
  • They wear non-slip footwear, clothes they can walk or run in, and a hat
  • Dog Walkers will take a small action photo of their furry client being walked and will message it through to the Owner. 
  • Professional Dog Walkers are Police Checked.
  • Many People from all Professional backgrounds get paid to walk dogs as a side hustle.

How much can you get paid for Dog Walking?

For 1 hour dog walks it can be $50 per hour and up.



How do I find Dog Walking Jobs?

PetCloud has a Pet Jobs Board displaying Dog Walking Jobs.  You can easily set up a recurring program of dog walks through PetCloud too. To get started, Dog Walkers should SignUp and take a Police Check today.


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