Holiday fun with Pets has got this family saving hundreds

by Catherine Tucker / Pet Sitter Tips / 17 Oct 2017

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This month we are highlighting Nichola and her two boys who work as a family to care for the pets they sit.

Nichola's boys have always wanted to have dog but as a single mum it was too costly, so pet sitting was the best option for the animal loving family. Through PetCloud pet sitting, Nichola and her boys have the opportunity to enjoy the love and affection of a pet, but also learn the responsibilities of owning a pet and learn about different dog breeds.  

I’ve been with PetCloud for:  over 1 year
Occupation: Business Manager
Services I offer: I offer dog minding (exercising and dog washes).

How do you make owners and their pets feel special?

I always explain to owners that their pet will be treated just like one of the family. They will get the same treatment here as they do at home.

We have a cat who eats chicken wings everyday so we always have them in the house and dogs love them too so we basically bribe them with food to like us!! We give them lots of pats and hugs too. They might also get a little more spoilt here with being allowed on the lounge and bed.

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What do you find rewarding about being a pet sitter?

Getting to meet all the happy animals that come and visit. We have had a few return customers who are always so excited to come back. I look after a friends dog regularly and he gets so excited to see me even at their place. It makes you feel very appreciated.

My boys actively help me with the pet sitting. They help with the walking and giving them lots of attention. Looking after the dogs has definitely taught them a lot about the work involved with owning a pet and also the rewards.

It’s also given them a chance to experience different breeds to see what they like. My eldest would like to say he likes the big tough dogs but I think his favourite has been Lily the little white Maltese.

Live in Sydney and think Nichola sounds like the perfect match for your pet?
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What extra services do you offer to increase your income and help out your clients?

I'm happy to pick up or drop off pets. I will also wash them if required.

Tell us about a cute or funny story while pet sitting?

My eldest son has always wanted a Husky so when the opportunity appeared on PetCloud to take on one he made me jump at it. An 11 month old Husky in a terrace house was optimistic, we had to think outside the box for exercise options and what to do with the cat but we lasted the 23 days.

My eldest son worked out how to exercise Zoro off lead at the basketball court. Zoro loved it, he nerly tore our arms out of our sockets walking him there on the lead.

It was lots of fun but a big relief for me is that my son no longer wants [a husky]. The cat was relieved when he went too but we always say to her she can complain when she starts paying her own way.

Share your top tips for getting your name out there and growing your client base?

  • I like to talk to other pet owners when I am out walking the dogs we look after
  • Word of mouth - through petcloud customers and friends
  • PetCloud letterbox drop with flyers.
  • Social Media linking back to my PetCloud page so my friends and customers can share my link 


What’s one piece of advice you would give to budding Pet Sitters out there?

It’s loads of fun, just do it! You get the advantage of a pet without all the expense and you can go on holidays without have to organise a sitter. 


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