Earn while you Learn - Pet Innovation brings extra income

by Deb Morrison / Pet Sitter Tips / 15 Nov 2016

Earn while you Learn - Pet Innovation

Excursions, School Formals, School shoes, iPads, tuckshop, school fees, laptops and uniforms – it can all add up and create financial pressure on families.  However, families now have a fun, innovative avenue to make extra money… and it involves pets. 

Described as the ‘AirBnb for Pets’ PetCloud is a pet sitting website that Pet Owners across Australia can search for available Pet Sitters to care for their pets either in their own home, or theirs when Pet Owners are unable to. 

Every booking is covered by insurance and every house sitter is police background checked. PetCloud also offers the only online RSPCA Accredited Pet Sitter Training for those new to Pet Sitting.  PetCloud is 100% Australian owned and the only pet sitting website to be RSPCA endorsed across most States in Australia. 

Example of Pet Sitter Jobs on PetCloud Pet Sitters Job

An example of Pet Sitter Jobs that Pet Owners post on PetCloud

Real Stories: Nichola and her two boys live in Sydney, pet sitting as a family
Nichola shares her story & pet sitting adventures here.



1 Responsibility: Pets require daily feeding, exercise, and affection, not to mention grooming and potty time (and clean-up). Older children can learn how to care for another living creature and even younger children can help with feeding and playtime. 
2 Trust: It’s easy to spill your heart out to your pet, who will offer you unconditional support in return. Pets make wonderful trusted companions for children and can be a first step to helping your child build trust in other relationships, too. 
3 Compassion: Caring for a pet requires compassion, understanding, and empathy. Kids learn to be kind and to take care of others’ basic needs. 
4 Money Management: The money families can earn from Pet Sitting can help towards School Formals, Class trips, new School Shoes, iPads, tuckshop, school fees, Uniforms and even late teens first car. 
5 Respect: Minding a pet teaches children how to respect others. They must touch them gently, tend to their needs, and learn not to disturb them when they’re eating or sleeping. 

Jobs range from Washing Dogs, Dog Walking, and General Pet Care while Pets stay at your home

Jobs range from Washing Dogs, Dog Walking, and General Pet Care while Pets stay at your home.

6 Self-Esteem: Pets show unconditional love, which can be a great boost to a child’s self-esteem. So, too, can the satisfaction that 
comes from having responsibility and caring for a pet’s needs. 
7 Loyalty: A pet’s loyalty toward its carer is often unmatched. In turn, children learn the importance of showing loyalty to their devoted furry friend.  
8 Physical Activity: Children who own a dog learn how fun physical activity can be while they play tug-of-war, fetch, or go for walks with their pet. Research shows, in fact, that children in dog-owning families spend more time being physically active than children without dogs which also boosts endorphins and is a stress reliever – great for students with exam pressure. 
9 Patience: Your child will learn patience while the pet becomes comfortable in your home and also during training as your child begins to understand how dogs interpret humans.  
10 Social Skills: Dogs can be an amazing social “ice breaker.” Taking your dog for walks as a family can improve your child’s social skills as you interact with others. Pets may also help children with autism to develop social skills such as sharing.   

Pictures of Pet Owner home and backyard Picture of Dog Pet OwnerPicture of Cat Pet Owner

How it Works for Pet Sitters 

1 Join Free. Complete for your free profile, then create a Listing (much like a real estate online listing). Add a description & pictures of your home and backyard. Add your services, prices, verifications and link your Paypal Account. 
2 Respond to Pet Owner Inquiries and Job Posts on PetCloud. Pet Owners will check your calendar and photo gallery and will contact you via PetCloud. Respond quickly to Meet & Greet requests and Bookings
3 Meet & Greet. Get ready for Meet & Greets by tidying your home & backyard, and securing your fence. Invite the Pet Owner to bring their Pet over to visit your home. Alternatively meet at a neutral location such as a dog park. 
4 Feed & Exercise Pets. Care for the Owners pets at the agreed location for the duration of the stay. Send daily picture updates to the Pet Owner. 
5 Get Paid Online. 24 hours after the last day of minding, you will be paid into your linked Paypal account. 19% is deducted from the transaction to help pay for insurance, further development of the website, Customer Support, Marketing, and 20% of all profits from bookings goes back to support the rescue work of our RSPCA Partners. 

Photo of Pet Owner in their house

How it Works for Pet Owners 

1 Join Free. Pet Owners join for free and create a profile for them and their pets.  
2 Search or Post a Job. Then they search for Pet Sitters in their local area, or post a job on the jobs board.  
3 Book & Meet. 3 Book & Meet. 3 Book & Meet. 3 Book & Meet. Once they find a Sitter they’re interested in, they then pay for the booking to PetCloud and arrange a Meet & Greet.  If it goes well, then it’s a match. 
4 Drop Off & Pick Up. 4 Drop Off & Pick Up. 4 Drop Off & Pick Up. 4 Drop Off & Pick Up. They drop off their pet at the start of the stay at the Pet Sitters home and pick them up at the end of the stay. PetCloud pays the Pet Sitter 24 hours after the last day of minding at the end of the stay. 

Photo of pet owner and dog

Extra Notes for Teachers and Parents:

  • Parents with internet can access the PetCloud website from anywhere on any device and can create a Listing within minutes.   
  • Parents must coordinate all bookings and be present at all Meet & Greets.   
  • Pet care must be supervised by an Adult at all times 
  • An Adult must be available with a car for any Pet Emergencies  
  • Parents are in control of bookings at all times and are under no obligation to accept any pet that will not suit their family or schedule. 
  • Internet Safety needs to be kept front of mind for all parents. 
  • Schools wanting to get on board are able to circulate the advertising tile below in their next newsletter to families.

Earn while you learn PetCloud Schools Initiative

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