Discover The New Holiday Lifeline For Pet Parents

by Catherine Tucker / Pet Owner Advice / 7 Sep 2017

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Despite pet ownership in Australia growing the cost and responsibility of owning a pet, in particular caring for your pet when you are away from home for work or holidays trips, is still a barrier for many owners.

A recent report from Animal Medicine Australia states, over half (53%) of Australians would like a new type of pet however only 13% of those people actually intended on adopting or purchasing a new pet in the next year.

There are obviously significant barriers to becoming a pet owner and the responsibility of owning a pet, which includes caring for your pet while you’re away, is a key concern.

The RSPCA reported over the 2015-2016 financial year over 47,000 dogs and cats were rehomed, however there is still a number of animals being surrendered who aren’t being adopted and PetCloud want to help change that.

For new pet parents there are so many things to consider and finding reliable and trust worthy services in your local area can be a challenge.


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House Sitting or Pet Minding: Whether you are away for a couple of nights or a couple of weeks investing in a professional to take care of your pet will give you piece of mind and keep your pet happy and healthy. Read More “How long can you leave your dog alone?”.

Dog Training: If you're new dog is a puppy or not taking the time to train them will build your bond and ensure a more well behaved pooch. 

Vet: Finding a trusted Vet in your area is key and if you aren’t able to take your pet to appointments a pet taxi means they will never miss a check up.

Dog Walker: All dogs require regular exercise, some more than others, and a dog walker booked for during the day will break up your dog's day, give them the physical exercise required and mental stimulation supplied by new environments.

Pet Day Care: Many animals need stimulation throughout the day, mental, physical, emotional and social, and pet day care can be a great way to provide this while you are at work.



With the rise of the ‘fur baby’ as dogs and cats are much more than mere companion but rather part of the family it’s makes sense 'fur parents' don’t want to leave their pet with just anyone.

The internet and sharing economy has provided pet owners with more choice.

PetCloud hopes by connecting pet owners with quality services with the click of a button more animals will be adopted as pet owner will be able to fulfil the responsibilities of pet ownership with ease.



Here are some tips of what to look for when you are searcing for pet care services and ensure you find the right person for you and your pet.

Reviews and Testimonials: Reviews are great for highlighting a pet care services specialities

Qualifications and Experience: Accredited courses, diplomas and degree’s in relevant fields, or experience with pet sitting or your breed in particular can make for a per carer who can understand your pets needs..

Badges or Verification processes: We highly recommend looking for service providers with a background check, particularly if they are coming into your home.

Insurance Cover: To give you piece of mind in the event the worst should happen

PetCloud is offering pet parents a new lifeline for accessible and affordable pet care in the goal of encouraging pet adoptions and reducing abandonments around holiday season.

Whether you require dog walking, pet day care, or pet taxi’s on a regular basis due to your busy work schedule or house sitting, pet minding or house visits while you are out of town for business or pleasure, PetCloud is here to help.

If you are in Queensland and have decided to take the plunge and become a fur parent the RSPCA’s Big Adopt Out Event is on Sunday September 16th and PetCloud will be there to help them clear out the shelters!

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