Are Dogs Really The Best Work Out Buddies?

by Catherine Tucker / Pet Care, Health & Fitness / 21 Jul 2017

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Finding the motivation to get out there and work out can be a challenge for many after a long day at work, but the benefits of having a walking buddy include keeping you on track, ongoing motivation, making you accountable and someone to have fun with.

PetCloud pet owner and fitness model Katie Stevens shares her story on how a chance meeting with a beagle led to an unexpected addition to the family who soon became her daily motivation to get outdoors and exercise.

“Meet my cardio buddy, my best friend, my fur baby and my bundle of joy - Millie!,” Stevens says proudly.

Stevens found Millie walking along a busy road without her owners after escaping from her home.

Determined to find the owners Stevens took Millie home to care for her until she was able to contact the owners.


“It was early the next morning I had her owners knocking at my door to collect Millie and off she went,” said Stevens.

However there was a connection between Stevens and Millie and this wasn’t the end.

“Two weeks later her owners had called me to explain they could no longer have Millie as they were relocating,” Stevens said.

“At this point, I was busy working and living a hectic life, I had lost a lot of motivation for my health and fitness and seemed to find excuses of why I didn’t have time to exercise,”

“As a blessing in disguise, I welcomed Millie to her new home and we connected straight away.”

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Millie is now Stevens cardio buddy all year round and she can’t imagine life without her!

“2 years later and I’ve never felt better!,” Stevens said.

“She’s become my daily motivation to get outdoors and to exercise! Life is so much better with Millie!”

If you’re unable to commit to owning a pet full time but would love to have a furry workout buddy, PetCloud connects animal lovers with pooches of all shapes and sizes, through their online pet jobs board.

All you need to do is join the site, create a listing, and then apply to dogs needing walking in your area. 

You can follow Katie Stevens and her adorable fur baby Millie on Instagram @misskatiestevens

Why not find your perfect workout buddy today!
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