5 Ways Of Bonding with Your New Dog

by Rose - PetCloud Blogging Team / Pet Owner Advice / 1 Mar 2019

Creating time for your new pet dog is essential. This interaction makes them feel wanted and they appreciate you in return. Make an effort of pampering your dog by bathing it, preparing homemade meals and cuddling on a couch while watching your favorite program.  Here are some of the tips that ensure a strong bond between you and your new dog.

Understand Your Dog

Take time to study your new dog's behavior and exercise patience when doing so. Understanding your dog will make it easier for both of you to live in harmony.  Dogs are different. Some will bond with you immediately while others can take a longer time to get used to you. Patience is the key to bonding with your new pup. Don't feel stressed when he doesn't adjust as fast as you expect. It's a journey, take it easy, and you will ultimately achieve the goal.

Play with Your Dog

Creating a schedule for playtime with your canine friend is very vital. This interaction gives your dog a sense of confidence and trusts you easily. Spend at least half an hour with your dog daily playing outdoors. You can go for a morning run or evening walk with your pet as you go about your regular exercises.

 It might not be so easy to engage your new pet to play with you since it's not yet used to you or the new environment. If you have a busy schedule, you can get dog walking services from Petcloud.

Give Your Dog Their Space

Giving your dog his territory is a critical step. Just like you need your own space, your pet also needs its space.  When you go to a new place, you can be overwhelmed by the presence of new faces. Dogs as well are overwhelmed by new environments.

Create a clean environment for your dog like their bed where he can lie down when he wants to or when tired. If you don't have a foundation for your dog, you can use a crate to create his space using some blankets.  Ensure that the area is warm and comfortable enough for him.


Train your dog to behave the way you want. It's imperative to note that you need to exercise patience here. You're about to introduce rules that are new to your pup. Stick to your standards and also ensure that you're not too tough on him because this might scare your new found friend.

Teach him how to respond when called and some other words like sit, go and lay down. Encouraging your dog to stick to the behaviors that favor you is essential during this stage.

Feed Your Dog

Use your hands to feed your dog. This trick works magic. Feeding your dog not only shows love, but also builds trust. New pups come with much shyness because of the new environment.  When you feed him the shyness drifts away.

Feeding your dog creates a sense of belonging and also makes your dog acknowledge you as his provider.


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