by Shekhar Raychaudhury / Pet Sitter Tips / 9 Sep 2015


We are a part of an era which is opening up to more opportunities for people to make money. The old saying ‘Sharing is caring’ has transformed into a new term which people refer to as a ‘Shared Economy’. The basic idea of the sharing economy: Connecting an individual offering a good or service with an individual looking for that particular good or service—often a neighbour. Services booked on sharing economy sites also offer insurance, customer support, and free promotion of your business—and you still get total control and flexibility. Sounds good, right?

Become a Tasker on Airtasker Airtasker is an online marketplace for people and businesses to outsource tasks. See how to get tasks done or how to earn money. You can offer everything from house cleaning to bartending, and clients can contact you directly from the site.

Rent Your Guest Room on Airbnb Have an empty bedroom? Rent it out to travelers on Airbnb. You can select the dates it’s available to rent, and travelers will contact you directly from the site. Of course, if you love to travel, you can rent out your whole place while you’re away—that way, your vacation can pay for itself!

Become a Driver on Uber Just because you’re ditching the morning commute doesn’t mean your car has to sit in the garage. Become a driver with Uber Its all about building a Community The sharing economy is here to stay, and it’s the perfect way for retirees or people with free time to earn money. The technology that sharing economy companies relies on helps connect you with your neighbors, and you may even build lasting friendships with someone who originally just needed a life from the airport. No matter what, the sharing economy offers the freedom to try something new, set your own goals, and make some extra cash.

Become a Pet Sitter at PetCloud As a Pet sitter on PetCloud you can offer pet services like; overnight sitting in your home, dog walking, grooming, vet pick up etc. Pets get loving care while their owners are away, and you get paid to play with pets. Need we say more?

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