10 tips for Puppy Sitting

by Shekhar Raychaudhury / Pet Sitter Tips / 24 Sep 2015

Tips for Puppy Sitting

Last weekend I had the chance to pet sit Milly and It was a great experience to be taking care of a 14 week old puppy. Milly was dropped off to my place on Friday afternoon. A lot of people think that pet sitting a puppy is not different from a dog but to be honest it’s a totally different ball game. Here are 10 things you should watch out for when pet sitting a puppy

1 – When shoes become a snack Chewing shoes is the favourite hobby of all puppies. During teething, they need to chew on something. Luckily the pet owner gave me some chewy toys for Milly but that doesn’t stop them from nibbling on your favourite pair of Adidas. Make sure you keep your shoes out of reach.

2 – Yummy wires I don’t understand the fascination puppies have with wires and specially phone charging wires and laptop chargers. I had plugged in my phone and suddenly I see furry Milly trying to get her hands on the charging cables. Watch out for these sneaky fur babies, they attack when you’re not looking.

3 – The piddle queen This is one of the key things to look out for! When Milly saw my room carpet, she marked every corner with her piddling skills. The best way to control that is to ensure you put a paper towel on the spot where the first incident occurred and then make sure you take the puppy there every time it is sniffing around and going in circles. Milly was really well behaved and she understood that the paper towels were her go-to area for urinating.

4 – Love hiding in small corners You might enter the room and not see the puppy anywhere – Don’t freak out!  Puppies love going under the bed and Milly made the full use of the space under my bed to go and hide

5 – High on energy Puppies are generally very playful and love running around the house. You should make sure that your doors are closed properly and if you have a balcony then make sure it is not accessible to the puppy.

6 – Attention seeker Puppies love attention and they will do anything to get yours. I remember I was on my bed watching Netflix and Milly couldn’t stand that. She would jump in the air and beg me to take her. Once she had her way, she cuddled up and slept next to me.

7 – Living Vacuum cleaner I was cooking in the kitchen and Milly would follow me everywhere like a shadow. Every time some food scraps would fall down she would just gobble it up. It was like having a living vacuum cleaner. I had to ensure that she doesn’t snack on everything on the floor.

8 – Puppy dog face Only after taking care of a puppy you will understand the meaning of a puppy dog face. Even though puppies are tiny, they are very intelligent and are fully aware when they do something wrong. Every time Milly would do something naughty she would have the cutest expression and I could never get mad on her.

9 – Home bound Taking care of a puppy is like having a newborn baby in the house. You can not leave them alone and they need supervision all the time. When I was pet sitting Milly I invited all my friends to my place for a BBQ and Milly was certainly the star of the evening.

10 – Mini licks Lastly, one of the best things about taking care of a puppy is that they are a bundle of love & cuteness. Whenever I would pick up Milly she would give me mini licks on my nose and at that moment I realised how lucky I was to be pet sitting her. Join PetCloud for free as an Owner or a Minder and be a part of the Pet loving community

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