10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Pet!

by PetCloud / Cause / 11 Mar 2016

Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Pet!

1.You’re helping to end puppy farms

By choosing to adopt a pet from a respected and certified rescue group, you are helping to end puppy farms by putting them out of business. Puppy farms are cruel and inhumane, and their only purpose is for the breeder to make money fast. Dogs are typically kept in horrid living conditions and have many health and behavioural issues. When the adults can no longer produce puppies, they are disposed of like garbage. Adopt a puppy to help end cruel puppy farms.


2. You’re giving an animal a second chance at life

Rescue group animals come from all walks of life. Some are given to shelters because their owner can no longer take care of them, are an unexpected litter, or they are rescued from animal cruelty situations. By adopting a pet, you are giving them a second chance at being apart of a loving family.


adopt a pet from the rspca


3. Adoption prices are reasonable

Reputable rescue groups, such as the RSPCA, make sure all animals are vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, and are also usually treated for fleas and worms prior to being put up for adoption.  This is all included in the adoption price. Compared to private sellers or pet shops whose sale price typically does not include these services, and whose prices are usually astronomically higher than adoptions fees.  Pet Secure also offer a 10% discount on insurance for rescue pets: https://www.petsecure.com.au/pet-rescue-insurance/ 


4. You help multiple animals, even if you only adopt one

Also included in the adoption price is money that will cover the costs that the pet rescue group used to care for your pet while they waited for you at the shelter, and to help fund other rescues. Furthermore, when you adopt a dog or cat, or any other animal from a shelter, you free a space so that another animal can be rescued and cared for. So even if you only adopt one animal, you are really helping more.


5. Most pets have basic training covered

Many rescue groups include basic training and manners in their care for dogs. So they should understand basic training, making it easier for them to settle into your home, and for you to continue training.

6. You are their whole world

Adopting a pet means that you have a best friend for life. For them, you are their life.


7. Shelters have an endless variety of animals to choose from

Whether you’re looking for a particular breed, age, size, or personality, a shelter is likely to have it all and they will do their best to help find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. So if you’re looking for a couch potato dog to cuddle or one that loves going for runs and playing, they can probably help you find it.


8. You know what the future with your pet will look like

Older animals temperament, size, behavioural traits, coat, health, and care needs are well established. Adopting an older pet leaves you less likely for unexpected surprises that can come with puppies and kittens.


9. Your house and belongings will thank you

Puppies and kittens are cute, but they can also be destructive. So if you’re not prepared to lose your favourite pair of shoes to a teething puppy, or clean up toilet accidents off the carpet, an adult pet is probably more suitable. Adult pets are likely to be already house trained and will enjoy playing with toys more than tearing up your furniture.


10. Older pets can be better suited to families with children

When you adopt a dog or cat that is older, many have been in homes with children before and so know to be calm and gentle with them. Puppies and kittens tend to be more easily excited and play rougher, meaning that they are not always ideal for young children.  


Writer Ellie Martinez is a university student, studying a BCI majoring in creative and professional writing. She is passionate about animals and their welfare. She has a pet cat named Tom Cat which she adopted from the RSPCA back in 2005.