Popular Small Dog Breeds

by PetCloud / Pet Owner Advice / 5 Jun 2020

Popular small dog breeds

Looking for a small dog? There are many advantages to owning a small dog, including portability, greater leash control due to less strength required when taking them for walks, lower costs in grooming, and less food consumed.

Some people want a big dog that will run and play outside with them. Others adore small lap dogs that they can curl up with for some quality time together.

Small dogs are cute, inexpensive to take care of, and often loyal companions. The list below describes the small breeds that make the best pets.


Chihuahuas form deep bonds with their special people, making them loyal, devoted pets. They have complex, individual personalities, which can make them interesting and delightful to own. They are excitable little creatures, though, and can be very noisy.

Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature schnauzers are very well-behaved dogs. They love their families very much, and like nothing better than sharing in family activities. They need a lot of attention, though, and get get depressed if they don't receive it. They are very good with children and well behaved with other animals.

Bichon Frises

Bichon frises are playful dogs, although this can sometimes make them too jumpy. They are very friendly to pretty much everyone, even strange dogs. They are very good around children. However, they can often be noisy.

Yorkshire Terriers

These terriers are smart, curious creatures. They are very active, and love playing games with their people. However, they also enjoy spending quiet time with their people, lying peacefully on their laps. Like a lot of small dogs, they can be rather noisy.

English Toy Spaniels

English toy spaniels are very low energy dogs. There's noting they love better than napping. This makes them great lap dogs. They do also enjoy playing games, though.

Toy Fox Terriers

Toy fox terriers are playful, and they love attention. They form strong bonds with their special people, but they can be overwhelmed by too many people at once. They make good pets for single people or small families.

Toy Poodles

Toy poodles are smart dogs who are easy to train. This makes them good at performing tricks. However, they can be aggressive, and are often noisy. They do not do well with other animals, and should go to families with no other pets.

Japanese Chins

Japanese chins are exceptionally loyal creatures. They often prefer to stick by their owners' sides at all times. They are very playful dogs, and are also very gentle.


Small dogs can make excellent, devoted companions, but they can be high maintenance pets. Take the time to research the different breeds, so that you can pick out the right small dog for you.

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