Outlined below are some of the benefits we help to create in our community:

  • Purpose and connection - Pet Sitting may help to reduce loneliness and isolation and tight income felt by older generations by providing purpose and connection and money in exchange for minding and the companionship of an animal
  • Improvement in health - Research shows that people with pets tend to do more exercise, which is good for heart health, is a natural de-stressor, and anti-depressant
  • Empowerment - Promotes feelings of empowerment for women - for stay at home mums and dads to earn money through pet minding
  • Education - Teaches kids responsible pet ownership
  • Long term adoption success - Allows families to trial different breeds and types of animals before committing to a pet long term
  • Socioeconomic - Helps busy families alleviate stress through being able to take a holiday when they want
  • Reduces abandonment - Helps pets in transitional situations where couples who are going through separation or divorce and who have different living circumstances or temporary accommodation by putting them in care with a sitter
  • Removes the stress of kennels by using real homes - Kennels are proven to be stressful for pets, can smell/ unhygienic, constantly noisy, can spread viruses and disease, can have an Impersonal approach, and sometimes face overbooking or overcrowding. Peak periods mean all the city kennels are booked out with limited alternatives
  • Lack of a network with other pet lovers - Family/friends aren't always interested or available to mind pets or feel obliged or inconvenienced
  • Reduces neighbourhood noise complaints - Barking dogs are a growing problem for councils as families are too busy to play with them/be home

If your organisation shares similar values, and would like to discuss partnership opportunities with PetCloud, then get in touch via our Contact Us form.